Marketing is often always about presentation. Typically, this means the promotion of a product or service. However, there are times when you need to advertise yourself as a skilled worker in the marketing industry. This is when you can make use of our Marketing Manager Cover Letter Templates. This selection of ready-made templates is perfect for when you need to submit an application to seize that prized managerial position. The templates are professionally written, with examples you can use as references for outlining your skills and experiences in the field. You no longer have to waste time thinking about where to start. Download a template now!

What Is a Marketing Manager Cover Letter?

According to a Forbes article posted in March 2020, business owners are particular with evaluating the skills of prospective marketing managers. A cover letter is one of the primary documents that you need to prepare when applying for a marketing manager position. It allows you to outline your employable skills and professional experience.

How to Create a Marketing Manager Cover Letter

Even if it’s not an entry-level job, a marketing manager position still requires a solid application form to ensure that you get the position. This means that your cover letter should be comprehensive but still concise. Here’s how you can make sure of that.

1. Have a Solid Intro

All letters require a good introduction. This makes sure that you successfully capture the attention of the reader. A great introduction for a cover letter usually contains an appropriate greeting and a brief statement of intent. Proper use of grammar and a smart turn of phrase will also go a long way.

2. Tailor Your Content to the Job

Make a list of the qualifications required for the position. From this, you can work on matching the qualifications with the appropriate experiences or skills. This technique will ensure that you possess everything the company thinks is needed for the job.

3. Be Professional

A cover letter, being an avenue for you to elaborate on your skills and achievements, is still a business document. It is important that you maintain a professional tone in the way you present details about yourself. While you can be a creative marketing expert, your ability to use the appropriate language is a testament to your overall skills.

4. Do Not Lie

Never add details that are not true in your attempt to promote yourself as deserving of the position. Not only will your employer find out about it someday, but it will also condition you to be untruthful with other aspects of your job. To avoid this, indicate only achievements and experiences for which you can present certificates and other documents as proof.

5. Don’t Forget Your Contact Details

Always make sure to include your contact number and email address at the end of your cover letter. These usually come after an expression of willingness should your employer invite you for an interview. Also, don't forget to attach your resume, which will contain more specifications about yourself.

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