Marketing Mind Maps Templates

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Apparently, implementing a new marketing scheme is not just like a walk in the park. Project development should be made carefully in order to attain favorable results and not to lose the time and effort invested for such. Thus, we present to you our Ready-Made Marketing Mind Map Templates now! We've covered all the relevant elements on each of the following products for your convenience. These are easily editable for your absolute specifications through Word, PPT, Pages, Keynote, PDF, Google Docs, and Slides. Intelligently come up with the most practical marketing ideas by grabbing now!

What Is a Marketing Mind Map?

A marketing mind map is a strategical visual diagram in laying out marketing ideas for more efficient evaluation. Generally, mind mapping was introduced by the famous late psychologist Tony Buzan in 1974 through in a BBC series "Use Your Head."

How to Develop a Marketing Mind Map 

Creating a mind map for your marketing ideas is an industry-proven technique in helping you organize, analyze, and see the bigger picture effectively. Notwithstanding, there are fundamental factors you need to observe in attaining a useful and valid marketing mind map. Here are the following basic guidelines in developing a marketing mind map.

1. Begin with a Central Idea

Entailing the central idea of your marketing mind map will be your starting point. This often comes as a big idea yet. To come up so, determine what project or work within your marketing sector needs to be mind mapped. 

2. Branch Out

From your central idea, you need now to branch this out and dissect what key areas on that particular central idea you need to undertake. For example, your central idea is generally your new product launch, branch out its marketing map through budgeting, promotions, distribution, customer identification, and others. Remember that your marketing mind map should layout your schemes gradually.

3. Label Concisely

One pivotal factor of your marketing mind map is to have each of its ideas concisely. Find the best keywords that can represent each idea comprehensively. The briefer the labels, the better.

4. Incorporate Colors

In doing your marketing mind map layout, you should incorporate colors on them as well respectively. This helps you, and to whoever your viewers are, synergize or activate the brain's logical and creative thinking at the same time, which increases its organizability and memorability. Plain or non-colored mind maps can promptly appeal to be dull and less engaging documents. Hence, it's also considered as an infographic.


  • Where can I make a Marketing Mind Map?

      Most of the basic computer document programs are capable enough to help you create your own marketing mind map. For instance, From Microsoft Word and Powerpoint to Apple Pages and Keynote, then also to Google Docs and Slides! 

  • Can I use a Marketing Mind Map template?

      Definitely, yes! Make sure to grab yourself an easily editable one so you can just comfortably swap or tweak minor elements according to your marketing project specifications.

  • When do you usually need to have a Marketing Mind Map?

      Oftentimes, a marketing mind map is most useful when there is a new product or marketing project to launch. This will help the marketing team assess the data and put reasonable actions toward the business.

  • How to use a Marketing Mind Map?

      Fundamentally, you need to start with your main marketing idea or topic. See from there its branched out key terms that you may need to cover individually. In that sense, you need to tackle these key areas gradually in which you are gaining the efficiency and easiness to undertake a particular task, a significant benefit of using a mind map.

  • Can I be creative in making my marketing mind map?

      Yes! Indeed, its creative visualization feature makes it more convenient for you to layout your ideas. However, make sure that it does not compromise its prime function. Be careful not to clash its visual elements with the contexts.