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What Is a Minimal Proposal?

A minimal proposal is the typical business proposal, but with a more disciplined and organized design to accentuate the content more clearly. The proposal mainly focuses on light business offerings that require a written context that accommodates the products and services of the dealer. It aims to sway the buyer into trusting the dealer's business but in an uncomplicated way.

How to Make a Minimal Proposal

In order to make a minimal proposal, you have to be straight to the point and be simple. The main purpose of a minimal proposal is to make the deal straightforward and clean. The word minimal itself means that it is minute and basic. It implies the usual complex method to be unnecessary. So here are the steps in making a minimal proposal.

1. Collect Significant Information

Take time to gather the details that are relevant to the proposal. It may be a minimal proposal, but it does not mean that the information should be minimal too. Although the name states minimum, what matters more are the essential information of the said proposal. Collect a few more than needed information and break it down according to its relevance. Do thorough research proposal.

2. Address the Buyer

Write a letter addressed to the buyer. Start by mentioning the common ground or understanding between you and the client. Talk about the prior meetings and discussions that you both have agreed upon. Next, talk about the proposal. Introduce your project and discuss a few details that could peak the buyer's attention. Be polite and professional. You are the one offering a suggestion. What you want is a grant proposal.

3. Write a Formal Description

Write a straightforward description of the whole proposal format. Summarize everything without addressing too much information. It is the preface of the minimal proposal. Include the relevant details of the two concerning companies for formality.

4. Arrange the Content

It's time for the most important part of the proposal. The minimal proposal composes of small-scale content, but direct to the essentials. First, write an executive summary. The executive summary consists of a summarization of the problem and its solution. The solution should be your proposal. Make a strong claim of how effective your proposal for the solution of the problem. Next is the client operations, then the cost summary with the budget proposal. It is one of the most important parts of the proposal because it concerns the financial aspect of the client.

Do a rundown of the predicted budget allocation. Be specific and precise. Next, are the contract and terms. List down the terms and conditions. Then, write the confidentiality. It's important for both companies to be aware of the deal. Next are the further notices, benefits, project management, and, finally, the time of the essence. Time of essence is the envisioned execution date.

5. Revise Your Minimal Proposal

After lengths of jotting down the necessary information, don't forget to re-examine, edit and proofread your proposal. Take out the irrelevant and redundant detail, and attach more important specifications. Lastly, make sure that everything is professional and legal.

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