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What is a Minimal Resume?

A minimal resume has a simple aesthetic. Meaning it is not complicated, but clean and straightforward. This type of resume is most useful for professionals. This way, someone who may read this will not focus on the visual but will concentrate on the content alone. This kind of resume looks very professional and refined. A resume has different sections that a hiring manager will read and decide if you are qualified for a position. Moreover, a professional resume sometimes includes a cover letter with it.

How to Create a Minimal Resume?

Before the hiring manager can rate your job interview, they will rate your resume first. So, if you want to convince him/her through your resume, you may need to make it look neat and presentable first. So, here are some steps to follow to create an effective minimal resume:

1. Your Resume Look

To make things quicker and easier for you, choose a minimal resume template. Choose the template that can best represent you. Next, when we say minimal, it avoids clutter and unnecessary information on your resume. So, when you design your resume, make sure that you will restrict your use of any font. Don't use overly artistic fonts, or else you will miss the spirit of the minimalist approach. Make sure that you keep a fine-looking resume. Another thing, for the colors, you can utterly use one or two colors. Although you want to make a minimal resume, this does not mean that you can't be creative at all. However, keep in mind that you need to make it look modern and presentable. Just focus on making it look as simple as possible.

2. Keep it Brief

You don't need a lengthy paragraph for your resume. Unlike a CV or curriculum vitae, a resume has to have simple and straightforward information about you. Don't confuse yourself, but include whatever information required. Make your resume have a professional atmosphere all throughout.

3. Resume Information

Mostly, resumes include brief information about you, your career objective, your academic background, your skills, and your job experiences. When you write your profile, add your name and your contact information. Moreover, for your career objective, make sure that you will not just center on your career goal, but concentrate on how your skills can serve the company. Another thing, for your academic background, although some basic resumes don't include this section, you may include it. Sometimes, what you have studied before can be a requirement for the position you are applying. To add, you may include your skills. Be sure that the skills that you will introduce will connect to the job you are applying. Just like your skills, add the job experiences you had that are essential to the position that you want to have.

4. Proofread Your Resume

When you finish, be sure that you will review your work. Never submit a resume that has lots of errors, or else you will lose your opportunity of landing the job that you want. Revise as much as needed just so to make sure that you will have a satisfactory resume.

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