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What is a Minimal Brochure

A minimal brochure is a tool used by companies or organizations to promote and advertise something. Though there are a lot of modern ways to advertise in this generation, distributing brochures is still one of the effective ways to reach a significant amount of audience. There are different types of brochure designs, some of them are classy, company brochure, elegant, aesthetic, and the most common is the minimal brochure.

How to Create a Minimal Brochure

You need to be creative to be able to make the best and effective minimal brochure. Creating a brochure that is not made with creativity will go to waste and will not be able to help your aim that is to promote and advertise your product or business. No need to stress yourself because we are here to help, downloading our brochure templates above will be a big help, and following our provided steps below will complete the package.

1. Conduct a Research

It will be good that before you make your brochure, you will research to have an idea of what is in trend in the market so that your brochure will gain more audience. The results of your research will help your brochure be effective as what you have aimed it to be.

2. Know your Audience

To be able to distribute your brochure to the right people, determine first your audience. To whom the brochures are for? Besides being able to determine your target audience, knowing them will give you techniques in how you will make your brochure that will contain the contents that the reader will love.

3. Select a Brochure Fold and Size

There are many types of brochure folds that you can choose, some of them are Tri-Fold, Bi-Fold, Accordion Fold, Z Fold, 4 Panel Fold (or Double Parallel), Quarter Fold, and Gate Fold. The sizes depend on you and the type of fold you choose, but you can follow the most common formats like 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14", 11" x 17" and 11" x 25.5".

4. Insert Content and High-Quality Images

The content should contain all the information about what you are advertising is. Do not forget to include your company/product name and contact information. To make your brochure eye-catching, write a headline on the front cover. A plain text brochure is boring, so make sure to insert at least one image on every page of the sample brochure.

5. Proofread and Edit Minor Changes

Before you print, proofread everything in case of grammatical errors. Double-check if your design is appropriate for your purpose and to the audience. Play with the color scheme to make your design brighter.

6. Print and Distribute

Make sure that the brochure is ready for printing to avoid you from printing again. Use a cardstock paper for better graphic quality. After that, distribute your minimal brochure to the area where your target market is abundant.

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