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What Is a Multipurpose Flyer?

A flyer is a versatile tool used by marketing enthusiasts in promoting, marketing, or advertising any products or services. From the term multipurpose itself, these flyers have several purposes and functions. Multipurpose flyers can be used in several businesses such as corporate, travel, photography, real estate, school, menu, interior design, etc.

How to Make an Effective Multipurpose Flyer

multipurpose flyer template

The following are the guidelines that will help you get through with making an effective multipurpose flyer:

1. Make an Eye-Catching Flyer

The goal of your multipurpose flyer is to promote your products and services to the general public. Anyone who can receive your flyer can have different impressions which may affect their decisions—either they will read it or throw it away. People are more visual than they were before. They tend to read anything that looks appealing to the eye, therefore, you must impress the reader's eyes first. Use attention-grabbing colors; however, too much color combination can turn prospects away. You can also use creative flyer designs to add spice in your flyer.

2. Use Catchy Headlines

The headline of your simple flyer would be the first thing that the readers will notice. Use a classic font in writing the headline because it looks more comprehensive compared to overly styled typefaces. Headlines are important because it is the facade of the entire content—it invites and encourages people to read the rest of the document.

3. Deal with the Content

Whether you are making a flyer for discount promotion, sales offers, or promotional offers, it is important to be mindful of the entire content. Make a clear and concise description if you are promoting a product or a service. You can also use special formattings such as bullet points and italicization in emphasizing the details. By doing so, you are showing directly the important parts to the reader. At the bottom part of your sample flyer, do not forget to specify the contact details.

4. Add Call to Action

A good marketing tool must encourage action. Placing a creative call to action would be significant—it can either be a command statement or an active phrase. A command statement could be this way: Don't let this opportunity slip through your hands, grab a copy now! If you opt to use active phrases, then you can use these examples: Download now! Buy now! Avail now!

5. Proofread and Print

Prior to printing your invitation flyer, corporate flyer, menu flyer, wedding flyer, or sales flyer, you have to check it first. You can use a grammar checker online; however, do not expect that the program you used will locate all the misspelled words and grammatical errors. You can check it yourself or you can ask an editor to do it for you. Distributing a flyer that has visible mistakes can affect the company and the product and services that you are marketing.

In printing your multipurpose flyer, make sure to use high-quality printers and papers. According to marketing strategists, the quality of paper used in marketing can also affect the receivers. Using glossy papers can also make your marketing tool more attractive and presentable.

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