In this digital era where advertising business and promoting events can be done in just one click, we get to question the efficiency of print ad materials in helping businesses become more profitable. According to researches and studies, print materials like flyers still remains to be an effective marketing, advertising, and promotional strategy that you can use. Planning to make one? We got you covered! We have a collection of ready-made and high-quality Multipurpose Flyer Templates in MS Word that'll fit any kind of purpose you intend for it. All of them are professionally created with the best of your interest. Quick! Be at par with your business competitors when you download these templates today!

How to Make Multipurpose Flyers in MS Word

Nowadays, many businesses greatly rely on digital media to advertise their services effectively. Mobility and global customer reach are some of the main reasons as to why they greatly invest in it. There's no doubt that digital marketing can be helpful but so as print materials. According to the United States Postal Service, people spend more time to print materials compared to digital ones. They are also most likely to get a much stronger emotional response and can leave a lasting impact when it comes to purchase decisions.

Part of those effective print materials is the flyers. Learn how you can make them in MS Word with the helpful guide tips that we have listed down below.

1. Establish a Direct Focal Point

Draw in the attention of your audience by creating a focal point in the design of your business flyer. Your focal point should not only focus on your design, but you can also integrate it in either the headline, images, or yet wordings of the flyer. Be strategic in placing them. It would be best if you put them in the artwork margins of your flyer so that the attention of your readers will be guided towards the center part where you can state some messages.

2. Create Contrast With Your Colors

Do you want the readers to easily spot on the important details of the flyer? You can achieve that using contrasting colors in your choices. Place them in the white background of the flyer where you placed the essential details. Doing so will guide the attention of the readers towards it and entice them to read more its overall content. Take a look at some other corporate flyer designs and analyze how they strategically design them.

3. Insert Captivating Images

One of the important elements that must be present in your custom flyer is its images. And to make them effective, they must be relevant to its theme. You don't necessarily have to insert them out in big pictures, try to be creative. You can either place them inside a shape or as a faded image in the background. You can also try to edit them out with effects like black and white to make them more visually striking.

4. Be Particular With Your Font Choices

Unlike formal documents, where you should stick to one font only to make it legible and formal, flyers require 2 or 3 more. Use a font that would blend well with its overall purpose. If the purpose of your flyer is to advertise your modern business, then go with fonts like Sans Serif to give it a more credible look.

5. Make Use of Ready-Made Templates

Creating flyers can actually be quite a challenge, particularly when it comes to designing it. Thus, you'll need ready-made design templates and print templates that are ready to use. You can save more time, money, and effort with templates because they already have layout designs and vector stock images that require minimal editing effort. After applying all the tips mentioned, seek advice from your local print media outlets on what printing style would fit best for it.

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