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  • How to Create a Multipurpose Brochure

    Statista reported that in 2016, 79% of SME owners were using brochures and other promotional materials in their businesses. This means that in this digital world filled with e-commerce websites, social media, and landing pages, people still use printed materials to promote. And to help you promote through a brochure, check out the tips below.

    1. Design the Brochure

    Since you're making a multipurpose brochure, you can use a business-type design for your brochure. You can use corporate colors like blue, orange, red, gray, or other colors. This way, you can make sure that you can use the brochure for another professional promotion next time.

    2. Provide the Necessary Details 

    To communicate your message quickly on the brochure, only add the necessary details. These details can be about your services, products, testimonials, and more. Be sure to keep the content short but straightforward.

    3. Add a Call to Action

    Another important part of making an editable brochure is adding a call to action. Write an intense and catchy call to action to prompt your readers to buy or visit your business or store. 

    4. Organize the Content

    So that people can understand your content, be sure to organize the information in your modern brochure. Create different sections for different topics to make your brochure more comprehensible.

    5. Add Photos

    Pictures are one of the things that make a printable brochure attractive to people. You can put pictures of your products to sell them or add any pictures that speak for your brochure's goals.

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  • What are the benefits of using multipurpose templates?

      As a user, you can save money since you can reuse your template for the next time you need it. Additionally, you don't have to make a lot of changes since the templates are designed for general use. 

  • What kinds of multipurpose templates does have? has multipurpose product promotional flyers, retro brochures, event tickets, HTML5/CSS3 websites, sales flyers, class lists, sports flyers, healthcare flyers, corporate flyers, and more.

  • Are the multipurpose templates in this site worth to download?

      Yes, multipurpose templates are worth to download. If you have a multipurpose template, you can use it as often as you want and there's no need to download a new template. You can use the template for any specific use.

  • What are some of the features I can find inside a multipurpose template?

      Our multipurpose flyers have high-quality images, original artworks, original fonts, and original content.