What Is a Multipurpose Flyer?

A multipurpose flyer is basically a modern flyer that can be used for more than just a single purpose. Just like other flyers, this one can still be used by businesses and organizations to promote goods and services. The only difference is that they can be used for something else other than to inform prospects about goods and services.

How to Create a Multipurpose Flyer in Adobe PSD

Are you planning to promote fashion trends? What about real estate properties? If you need to advertise something through flyers and you wish to have those flyers used for something else, then you will need to create multipurpose flyers. By going through our list of instructions below, you'll learn to make one easily and conveniently.

1. Familiarize Yourself with Multipurpose Flyers

Multipurpose flyers mean that you can use them to create whatever flyer you can think of. Whether it's promotional flyers, corporate flyers, or even real estate flyers, these will serve as your basis to keep you from starting from scratch. However, to make an effective and usable multipurpose flyer, you need to familiarize yourself with its components and how to arrange its elements.

2. Gather Ideas or Inspiration for Your Multipurpose Flyer

Once you're familiar with the basics of multipurpose flyers and what needs to be done to really make them purposeful, you will then need to gather ideas for your own multipurpose flyers. You may either go fully creative or fully minimalist with your design and lean towards graphics or towards typography. Gather all the ideas you need and apply it to your flyer design.

3. Launch Adobe Photoshop

Since you're creating multipurpose flyers in PSD, install Adobe Photoshop on your computer. Although PSD is Photoshop's native file format, there are also other applications that support this such as GIMP and Photopea. Use whichever editing tool you're comfortable with and launch it. Afterward, start a new project and input the desired size for your flyers.

4. Get Your Hands on a PSD bundle, If Possible

By using the graphics editing tool of your choice, you can already start working on your multipurpose flyers. Since you're working under the PSD file format, you can make use of downloadable PSD bundles that you can find online. Download all the images you need for your multipurpose flyers, although you may need to subscribe to premium ones.

5. Start Designing Your Flyer

Whether you chose to download a PSD bundle or not, you can finally start designing your multipurpose flyers based on your ideas from the previous step. As long as you're using an editing tool that fully supports your chosen template, you'll definitely have no problem editing it. And if you're creating a multipurpose PSD template, users will also find it easy to customize the elements in your flyers.

6. Add and Proofread the Content

After you've created your multipurpose flyer's design, you can then proceed to add the content based on its purpose. If you're creating multipurpose business flyers, then make sure to stick to a formal tone of voice throughout your content. As always, don't forget to proofread your work during and after adding your content, this is applicable whether or not you're creating business flyers.

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