How to Create a Police Organizational Chart in PDF

A study conducted by Statista in 2013 said that there are 12,326 police departments in America. With this large number, it's necessary to have a well-designed and well-organized company organizational chart. Read the tips below:

1. Get the Department and Division Names

Identify the names of the departments, divisions, and committees. Know the structure of each department to avoid mistakes when making even the most basic charts.

2. Gather the Names and Positions

Get the names of the staff and the head with their respective positions for you to know their functions. It would help you understand the process and the operation of each department so you won't go wrong crafting your simple chart.

3. Take Note of the Functions

You have to understand the functions of each department. Each function must be briefly stated in your chart. Make a list of what it is that each department does so that you'll know what to place. When making a description for each department, make sure that you keep it brief as you don't want to overload your chart with text.

4. Make the Chart

Create a blank document and start making your chart. Place each department according to its ranking. Make sure you still have your notes with you. Input any needed information and connect each related department by using lines. If you're done, check the chart to spot any error.

5. Post It

Make more copies of your chart and post it in visible areas in your office. That way, every single member of the police staff will know who they should report to or who falls under whose line of command.

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