Press Release Templates

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Whenever there's a launch of a new book, business, music, or product, writing a press release is a go-to technique to gain interest from the masses. You might be having a problem in writing one. Our templates are streamlined with the right content to help you out. Download one now!

How to Write a Press Release

Press releases are important for companies to garner attention from the public. Read the steps below in writing a press release. 

1. Come Up with a Strong Lead

A strong lead attracts the attention of readers. Write a short lead that answers questions, such as what, where, when, who, and why. 

2. Include Key Information

The body of your article should support the lead. Write important information that explains the lead further. 

3. Add Quotes

Quotes back up the information in the press release's body. Include quotes from any of the company's important people in your document

4. Work on the Boilerplate

The boilerplate concisely describes your company at the end of the press release. Write a short description and include the contact information of the company's key personnel. 


  • How many words should a press release have?

      A press release is mostly 300 to 500 words long. 

  • Why are press releases short?

      Press releases only provide newsworthy information; hence, its length. 

  • Who writes press releases?

      A person who specializes in public relations or a former journalist writes press releases. 

  • Are press releases published on newspapers?

      According to Chron, smaller news companies run press release stories while large news agencies seldom do it. 

  • How long does it take to write a press release?

      It takes 8 to 9 hours, including research, to write a press release.