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    How to Design Application Forms

    Managing a business would usually involve hiring employees. As such, you will need to prepare documents needed for hiring staff. Here is where the creation of application form templates becomes necessary. Avoid the tedious and repetitive task of preparing application forms. Instead, design a template with the aid of the tips provided below.

    1. Find a Format to Follow

    An application form must be easy to understand; hence it should have a format that will allow it to organize its contents just like any documents. Prior to designing the layout of the application form, you should look for formats that you can use. There are a lot of format samples that are readily available on the internet.

    2. Add the Company's Branding Elements

    Branding elements make the company recognizable. In order to make the application forms as official company documents, you should add the company's logo and its branding elements. 

    3. Add a Table for the Applicant's Details

    An applicant hoping to be under your employment has to fill up the application form with their details. Create a tablet to contain this information. Make sure that every row is properly labeled so that only the correct information is written there. Make sure that the labels are readable.

    4. Add the Questions that Applicants are Suppose to Answer

    You have to test anyone who wishes to apply to your company. You can do this by adding a questionnaire portion in the application form. The questions can be general or relevant to the position you are offering. This way, the management can easily choose applicants that are fit to the position.

    5. Add the Necessary Instructions

    Some applicants may find the application forms to be confusing. You can eliminate this by adding the necessary instructions that they can read and follow. You should simplify the instructions to ensure that the applicants can understand it easily.


  • What are application forms?

      Application forms are documents that job applicants have to fill up as they apply for a company position. Applicants must fill-up the form with the information the company requires, i.e., address, age, contact information, etc.

  • Are application forms and application letters similar?

      Application forms are typically provided by the company that is looking for job applicants. As opposed to application forms, and application letter is written by a person looking for employment. Application letters are addressed to a company's management.

  • Why are application forms necessary?

      Application forms are needed to keep the hiring process organized. Selection of qualified job candidates may also rely on application forms.

  • What do you need to design an application form template?

      Writing applications like Google Docs and Microsoft Word are usually sufficient for creating templates.