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What Is An Appraisal Form?

The purpose of this type of form is to help you gather data that will tell you how an individual or a group is doing in terms of performance. This is used by many businesses in the event that they have to do employee evaluations as the information will tell them who is meeting or has failed to meet standards and expectations. It has been discovered that as many as 72% of companies still conduct annual employee appraisals. This shows that it's one of the best methods of determining what can be done to make improvements to performance and figuring out areas of weakness that should be worked on.

How to Make an Appraisal Form

appraisal form template

1. Start By Pointing Out Who's Being Appraised

The first thing that you need to do in your sample form is to provide details on the individual whose performance will be assessed. Start by writing down that person's complete name. Then you will want to place the dates that the appraisal period covers. When doing this, be sure to include the month, day and year of when the appraisal period starts and ends. Then you can include other details such as the appraised individual's job title and contact details if deemed necessary.

2. Share Who Is Responsible for Conducting the Appraisal

When doing this, start with the individual's name. Make sure to include his/her first name, last name and middle name so that there won't be any concerns regarding identity. You may then include any other relevant information such as the individual's employee ID card number or department of origin.

3. Come Up With the Criteria

The simple form must show the standards that will be used to determine whether the person being appraised is living up to expectations or is failing to meet them. What these standards are will depend entirely on the qualities that are being looked for. Come up with a table where you can list down each one down and where you can rate the individual if they happen to have or are lacking in them.

4. Take Note of the Individual's Strengths, Weaknesses, and Accomplishments

It's always best to start with the positives. This means that you should begin with the strengths and accomplishments. Make sure to take note of anything that the individual has accomplished that's relevant to his/her performance quality. When writing down the strengths in your printable form, pinpoint what it is exactly what the individual is doing right when it comes to completing tasks or handling difficult situations. As for the weaknesses, carefully analyze any problems that are preventing the individual from meeting performance expectations. Be sure to provide accurate and detailed job descriptions when writing down every strength, weakness, and accomplishment.

5. Provide the Results and Suggestions

At the very end of the appraisal form, there has to be a section where you place the results of the evaluation and whatever suggestions or recommendations you may have. When providing comments regarding the appraised individual, make sure that they're objective and that they actually help in figuring out ways to further utilize his/her strengths, fix noticeable weaknesses, and anything that can aid in self-improvement.

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