Do you have to write a reference letter or document for a tenant, a student, an employee, or other people who need your help? Well, you don't have to write for long hours because you can save time by downloading one of our ready-made Reference Templates. Our templates are professionally written and 100% editable. These are also available in MS Word, Pages, Outlook, and Google Docs. So, what are you waiting for? Download a template immediately today!

How to Write a Reference Letter

Chron says that a reference letter can convince an employer that their potential employee left on good terms in their previous job. But regardless if the letter is for school, employment, or professional use, if someone requests you for this letter, we'll help you write one today. So, check out the tips in writing a reference letter below.

1. Be Honest

One of the first things you have to remember in writing a reference letter is honesty. Whatever content you write in the business letter has to be factual. You can't write fake information because if your recipient will do research and finds out you're lying, you'll be in a bad light.

2. Use Formal Language

Next, you have to use formal language in writing this letter. Formal tone or language shows respect and professionalism. It also shows seriousness. So, avoid using casual language when you're writing a formal letter.

3. Introduce Yourself

Start your simple letter by introducing yourself and how you're related to the student, employee, or tenant (if you're a landlord). This way, the recipient will know who you are and qualified to refer the person. Additionally, include where the person worked (employee reference letter) or studied (student reference letter).

4. Write the Person's Qualities or Achievements

Your recipient will want to know the character of the person you're recommending. So, write the positive qualities and the achievements of the person on the printable letter. But make sure that the things you're writing will be beneficial for the person's application. Don't include information that won't be useful for the position at all.

5. Include Your Contact Details

Lastly, write your contact details on the letter so the recipient can reach you. You may write your email address and contact number for the recipient on the document.

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