Sale Ticket Templates

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What Is a Sale Ticket?

Producers or manufacturers will eventually need to have a sale promo for several reasons. A sale might occur due to the need of the producers to introduce new products, clearing of stocks, attract traffic, and maximize sales. Sale promos can be put as the offering of lesser prices of specific products by the manufacturer or the stores. Such offers can take place during events or season holidays. It can also be due to an upcoming change in purchasing behavior to seasonal adjustments of companies. 

Distribution of tickets for the sale you are holding can be a way to have a greater opportunity of maximum attendance from potential and loyal customers. Some stores would hold a gimmick such as a raffle sale where raffle tickets are given to customers for a chance of winning something on sale. Having promos and giving out tickets for such sales every now and then can serve store owners and producers in the long run. It is uncommon for customers to purchase tickets for sale promos. Instead, it is given away for free since it is a way of advertising a product, store, or brand. 

How to Create a Sale Ticket

sale ticket template

Many purchasers can be eyeing for expensive products in your store but are waiting for the sale season to get that product for a lesser price. And what better way to offer them your sale promos than offering them sale tickets that they may use in purchasing. Here are five necessary steps on how to make the best sample ticket for you. 

1. Target Audience

As a marketer, you need to identify your target audience. Ask yourself who your target audience is first. If you want to create a sale sports ticket, then your target are the people who are sports fans. Identifying the target audience for your sale tickets will allow you to focus your marketing efforts. 

2. Sale Ticket Details

The sale ticket should not miss its details. It is the most important detail that will give your ticket holder idea of your store's name, store location, and the period and date the sale ticket is valid. Your customers should know about these details. To keep track of the tickets, you can also include in your sale ticket the ticket number.

3. Sale Inclusive

Determine what inclusive should be available on your sale. It should also state how much the discount you will give during the sale. Always specify and highlight the inclusive to capture the attention of potential and loyal customers by informing them of the sale. According to statistics, 80% of people are motivated to buy a new product for the first tie if they are given an offer or discount strategies. 

4. Terms and Conditions 

The sale ticket usually has terms and conditions, such as the ticket can only be used once. The terms and conditions are somewhat a disclaimer concerning the usage of the ticket. Terms and conditions are a set of laws that governs a particular purchase or privilege. 

5. Sale Ticket Design Element

After you have decided what to input in your ticket, you can now start designing the ticket to your liking. You can be creative or go with a minimal ticket design, it is your choice. You can add a photo that might reflect the sale you want. You can also add a color scheme that will go best with the sale promo. Choose fonts that are simple and legible for it to be easy on the eye of your customers. Here's a tip, do not overdo the design.