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What Is a Sale Instagram Story?

A sale Instagram Story is an IG story that focused on offering product or service sales for various occasions such as Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Flash Sale, and other holidays and commercial purposes.

How to Create a Sale Instagram Story

According to Instagram user statistics, this application is the second-most downloaded free app in the Apple Store. With the 5.4% increase of users in 2019, eMarketer predicted that the U.S. users will rise up to 117.2 million in 2021. With these significant stats, there is no doubt that this application will be a good network to promote your startup business. To help you get started, we’ve provided tips to help you start creating appealing sales Instagram stories.

1. Create an Instagram Business Profile

Some small online business owners fail to convert their IG account to a business profile. While there are more people who know you with your personal account, you’re missing lots of selling opportunities that a business profile has.

2. Know Your Sales Objectives

Recognize your social media campaign objectives to create sales Instagram stories that will help you achieve these objectives. If you want to increase your sales then upgrade your sales strategy by creating IG stories that focus on your target audience.

3. Get Smart With Hashtags

Hashtags allow users to search for posts which the same topic as the hashtags. It makes searching a lot easier. Business hashtags will help you increase your online visibility that can lead to increase customer engagement and eventually increase in sales.

4. Make Influencers Your Ally

Influencers are those that have a purported knowledge about social media and their business uses. Make them your ally as they can lend their expertise in using Instagram stories as your sales strategy.

5. Take Advantage of Instagram Shopping

Instagram shopping makes it easy for your target audience to scan and explore your products. With this Instagram feature, you can easily share featured products on your Instagram stories for your audience to see.

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