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What is a Big Sale Flyer?

A flyer is a printed marketing tool that contains promotional information about a product, service, event, individual, topic, or a combination thereof. They are sometimes also called leaflets or pamphlets.

The term Big Sale Flyer is used when a flyer functions as a promotional tool for an upcoming sale period. They can be used for fashion, supermarket, anniversary, holiday, and weekly sales. Or whatever floats your boat. But for maximum effect, use Big Sale Flyers only when you want your customers to know that you are going to offer big discounts, offers, and promotions from your stores.

How to Make a Winning Big Sale Flyer

big sale flyer template

When planning for a big sale, it’s important for your promotion flyer designs to reflect the level of excitement you want your customers to feel for the upcoming event. And to do this effectively, we have compiled a few tips on how to make an effective big sale flyer design.

1. Use High-Resolution Images

An effective flyer is a striking flyer. And one of the easiest ways to do this is through the use of images. Choose high-resolution and professionally taken photos. If you want to add illustrations or vector design, make sure that they are optimized for your desired marketing flyer print size.

2. Typography Matters

How the text elements appear in your simple flyer design greatly affects how it is perceived. Choose typefaces that reflect the kind of impression you wish to create for your brand or company. Script and other serif fonts often work well when creating formal and elegant flyer design. On the other hand, sans serif typefaces like Arial and Comic Sans create a casual and often friendlier impression.

As a rule of thumb, use up to three different font styles only. Doing this declutters the flyer design and aids in the flyer’s readability.

3. Craft Enticing Call To Action

A survey of small and medium enterprise owners shows that up to 79% of them already use flyers as a way to market their business. If so, why aren’t all of these establishments succeeding? A simple reason may be due to their flyers’ lack of an enticing Call To Action.

This refers to that single line, phrase, and/or images that readily captures a reader’s attention. For a big sale flyer, the most striking CTAs are ‘Sale’, ‘Up To 70% Discount Now’, ‘Buy One Take One’ and a lot more. When placed strategically in any sample flyer design, it has the potential to catch another person’s attention from the get-go.

4. Follow a Unified Design Theme

Another element that helps turn an ordinary advertising flyer into something more brilliant and worth paying attention to is its design theme. Pick a theme or motif that best reflects the kind of marketing campaign you are running. It also helps if this theme coincides with your brand’s image or the public impression you wish to create.

5. Choose an Organized Layout

As human attention span decreases (a recent study shows that it’s as slow as 8 seconds), marketers need to optimize their creative flyer design for it. This is effectively done by following a clean and organized layout. Position text, header, and image elements in a logical manner that facilitates easy reading.

Combine all these design elements and you will have a winning Big Sale Flyer. Note that you may also apply the same design principles when creating any kind of poster or banner design.

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