Sample Itinerary Templates

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  • Plot down all daily activities and expenses for your dream trip or business trip using sample itinerary templates. Our templates are highly organized and beautifully designed that will help you manage your time and ensure that you are on track. We guarantee you easily editable templates that you can quickly customize to your liking via Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs. Download our printable templates and save a copy of our sample itinerary template on your laptop or mobile phone so you can always be ready to present your itinerary. Start keeping your activities in check by purchasing our premium templates, whether it is a flight itinerary or tour itinerary, for an affordable price.

    What is a Sample Itinerary

    A sample itinerary, or just itinerary, can be simply put as a daily schedule of events and activities. Itineraries have different types that are utilized by groups of people or an individual, it can be a travel itinerary, road trip itinerary, flight itinerary, and even a cruise itinerary. Itineraries could propose an outline of a tour or it can be a time-management tool. The most common type of itinerary is a travel itinerary, it generally states the destinations to be visited at specified times and means of transportation to move between those destinations. Although there can be different itinerary types, it has the same purpose and that is to keep track of everything. 

    How to Create a Sample Itinerary

    Constructing your own sample itinerary will prove useful when the time will come for you to produce a trip, vacation, wedding, or meeting itinerary. A sample itinerary can be the basis of every simple itinerary you will make. It will give the opportunity to highlight the many assets of the destination. In this article, you will be taught things that you should know in creating your own sample itinerary in an easy way.

    1. Destination or Venue

    If you are creating a travel or vacation itinerary then you will need to identify the destination. However, if it is a meeting or wedding itinerary then just simply state the venue. Always include the exact location of your itineraries. Choose famous destinations fit for the season. For example, if it is spring season then give them a Japan itinerary since Japan is famous for its cherry blossoms. Other famous destinations are Singapore, Osaka, Philippines, and Thailand. 

    2. Date and Time

    Pinpointing the date and time on the sample itinerary can help ensure that every activity and everyone is on track. Make sure that you inputted the complete date and by complete, it means that the month, day, and year was stated on the event itinerary planner. Also, add the estimated time span (hour and minute) of each activity you have listed. The date and time are the data that you should never forget to include since it will guide the reader of when to be at certain places or when to do certain tasks.

    3. Details

    The important travel details, like the schedule or flight, should be pointed out. You would want your printable itinerary to contain data surrounding the trip such as when and what places you need to visit, along with other details like how you're going to get there and who you should be with. Just be sure to include the information needed to prevent future problems.

    4. Names

    You might find some sample itineraries that might include names of people. Names such as the person or company that prepared the itinerary or the name or group of travelers. Whoever will be listed in the business itinerary, it is crucial that you enter the document in their full names. So, you're not going to have to cope with problems with their identities. Be sure that their first name, last name, and middle name or initial are stated on the document. 

    5. Budget

    Surveys say that 74% of people are in debt because of a vacation. An affordable itinerary will surely help your travel agency boost sales. Offer travelers affordable transportations and accommodations. Present to them a budget for their accommodation, transportation, food, and activities so that they will know how much they are paying for.