Punctuality is an imperative attribute of every student and employee. But according to an article published by Forbes, 19% of American employees arrive at work late. This factor affects both performance and productivity negatively. So when it comes to fixing this problem, it requires designing a monthly attendance record to make it easier for you to go through and check each individual's number of absences. Here we have downloadable sample sheets that you can edit in Google Sheets and use in organizing absences and late comings.

Our templates are designed to keep the user experience smooth and convenient. Although drafting an attendance record is easy, organizing it can be challenging. So, if you are having trouble with formatting and sectioning the names of other categories, downloading our editable and premade log sheets gives you a table you can input your data easily. Whether it's for daily, weekly, or monthly records, our editor tool contains features that allow you to easily change the text and visual attachments. Additionally, using our premade template keeps your data well-arranged.

Aside from attendance sheets, Template.net also has various collections that you can check. All you have to do is choose a template that suits your needs. Also, with different colors and hundreds of font styles to choose from, you can mix and match without compromising the content organization. Once you are done, you can print your template of choice using the A3, A4, and US Letter size of the document. With this feature, you can easily edit sections to fit with the layout of your simple sheet. Browse more of our template collection and get handy with evaluation and tracking attendance records!

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