A rack card is a document that is mostly used in convenience stores, hotels, landmarks, restaurants, rest areas, and other places that enjoy substantial foot traffic for commercial advertisements. Rack cards are typically 4 by 9 inches in size and sport high-impact graphic design.

Rack cards have a great deal to offer your business. Though smaller than brochures and flyers, in a number of locations, from neighboring stores to hotels to information centers, rack cards may convey information at a glance. With a rack card, without wasting a fortune in printing, you will pique the interest of potential customers. Rack cards have minimal space for you to work with, however. While you can feel tempted to cram as much information as you can in that room, if you can quickly convey your key points and ideas in seconds, your cards will work more efficiently. There are a few essentials to include in a rack card that consists of eye-catching photos, phrases, and slogans, benefits, features, and incentives, calls to action, and company name, logo, and contact information. Keep in mind to provide the data that will help customers reach you the most. Also, it can be just as critical as your concept to distribute your rack cards at the proper locations. These simple features can help to catch customer interest on your rack card while encouraging readers to search for your product, service, or company.

Design creative, modern rack cards to elevate your advertising with our simple rack card templates.

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