How to Create a Simple Brochure in Adobe Illustrator

Keep your brochures clean and presentable by putting more emphasis on the content. Create amazing yet minimal brochures the easy way by referring to our step-by-step instructions below.

1. Choose a specific type of brochure

When it comes to brochures, there are actually various types that one can choose from which include but are not limited to the bi-fold, tri-fold, Z-fold, gatefold, accordion fold, and roll fold brochures. However, since we're talking about simple or basic brochures, then it would be best to focus on the bi-fold and tri-fold types only. Choose which one to create and use it as your basis for the design and the arrangement of the content.

2. Decide on the simplicity of your brochure's design

How simple is simple? When creating a simple brochure, decide on the level of simplicity whether you want the design to be entirely minimalist or throw in a touch of creative elements to keep it from looking dull. Here, always keep in mind that you're creating your brochures for your audience and not for yourself, so take into consideration their preference.

3. Write a draft of the introduction

Regardless of the brochure type that you've chosen, the first inner panel should always contain a statement that serves to briefly introduce the reader to the company or organization. In addition to that, your brochure's introductory statement should also provide readers with information regarding the business' current status, their mission and vision, and some bits and piece of the brochure's main content.

4. Make a draft of the brochure's content

Moving forward, the next thing that you will need to construct is the actual meat of your simple brochures which should feature your products and services. Make a list of the products and services that will be featured in your brochure, and don't forget to also include details regarding how people can benefit from it. In terms of layout, you can browse online for sample brochures and get ideas from those.

5. Design your brochure using Adobe Illustrator

Unlike Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator enables users to edit the design freely without losing quality. To begin working on your brochure, open Illustrator and then start a new project. Add a simple background just to add flavor to the design and then add the content based on the drafts that you've written earlier. If you're planning to add graphical elements, you can use your own photos or you can download images for free from websites such as FreePik.

6. Add a testimonials section

The difference between marketing flyers and brochures is that the latter has more than enough space for content, you may even dedicate a section entirely for a list of testimonials. While this may seem like a lot of work from gathering statements from past customers to choosing the most effective ones, this is guaranteed to make your brochures a lot more compelling.

7. Proofread and print your simple brochure

No matter how simple, always have time to proofread your work to ensure that your content is well-written and error-free. Since you're trying to gain the trust of your prospects, projecting a professional image is a must. Afterward, you can choose to print copies of your business brochure and have them distributed to your target market, or you can opt for digital marketing by publishing or sharing your brochure online.

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