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What Is a Valentine's Day Flyer?

As we know, a flyer is a form of paper advertisement intended to inform people regarding an event, product, or cause. A Valentine's Day flyer is a highly visual printed promotional material created specifically to highlight the season of love. The flyer contains information about the promotion or event your company is setting up.

How to Make a Lovely Valentine's Day Flyer

With the whole world celebrating the season of love, you can’t help but join in. So how do you let your customers know you’re having a Valentine's Day promo or setting up a Valentine's Day event? By printing out flyers of course. Flyers are marketing instruments that are cost-effective, accessible, and easy to print. Follow these steps so you can create a flyer that can catch the eyes of your customers.

1. Draft

The first thing you have to do is make a rough draft of what your sample flyer would look like on a piece of paper. You can also use a template for a reference to get an idea of the spacing and where to put certain elements. Either way, the focus of the rough draft is the flyer’s layout.

2. Function

When you’ve picked out what layout you want to work with, you can begin designing your simple flyer. In designing a flyer, make sure you follow these rules: making the information easy to read, keep the essential information and contact details accessible, and lastly, keep things realistic with a “what you see is what you get” attitude. Don’t put anything in the flyer that isn’t available in your event, product, or services.

3. Minimize

Many advertisement media have been applying the minimalist approach so as to keep things subtle and calm. Many Valentine’s Day flyers incorporate this well by just placing an image of a giant heart.

4. Color

When it comes to Valentine's Day, what is the first color that you can think of? That’s not hard to answer since about 90% of Valentine’s Day flyers, posters, and decorations are in red. Others prefer to use the color pink or orange. But you can always tweak things around and use colors like blue or yellow so long as it suits your product.

5. Theme

Valentine's Day may be a celebration of love but others choose to change the theme to maybe a sad Valentine for the brokenhearted or yellow to let people know you’re perfectly happy celebrating dinner by yourself. Have a little fun and try to incorporate different witty themes to your Valentine’s Day flyer.

6. Images

The images you put into your flyer can incorporate more subjects than just hearts. You can include images of balloons, roses, or silhouettes of tiny cupids. Other elements that can be used include envelopes and even doves. Restaurants use champagne glasses with a rose or two beside them. So long as the images you use are relevant and go with a Valentine theme.

7. Platforms

The flyers aren’t just limited to print. You can make them accessible online too. Whether it’s an image or short commercial flyers are easier to access online in this digital era.

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