If you have daily tasks or routines to take care of, then implementing a simple checklist comes in very handy. Allow us to help you make one in no time with our easily editable Daily Checklist Templates. Whether it’s for a summer school, office, or restaurant, our content makes it quick and convenient to make your checklist. Plus, our samples are fully compatible with several applications, such as Google Docs and Mac Pages. Download today—create digital or printed checklists to help with your work each day!

How to Make a Daily Checklist

According to an article from Forbes (an international publication), checklists save you a lot of trouble in assigning tasks to different individuals, as well as clear your mind for better focus. So, be it hotel housekeeping or machine maintenance, using a checklist is always a great idea.

You can create a checklist for both work and personal reasons. However, if you’re not sure how to make a list of your own, consider reading our tips below.

1. Use a Grid Table For Your Checklist’s Main Body

The most efficient way to organize items is by using a grid table. By implementing a table, you can take advantage of the tidy cells for writing down each item and categorizing details. Be sure to use a software application that allows for inserting and editing a table, such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

2. Prepare the Table Appropriately

While setting up a grid table in your checklist, being mindful of the cell layout is imperative. Reserve the table’s top row for labeling various information in your checklist (task timeframe, assigned employees, etc.). In the leftmost column, write down the various items that need handling, placing them in one cell each.

3. Customize Your Daily Checklist’s Table

In your list, there are several ways to improve the table’s readability. Take your preferred colors and color in specific groups of cells, sectioning off different segments so they stand out from each other. Use your application’s available formatting options to customize the cells’ text—like the sizes, colors, and alignments.

4. Include Additional Information in Your Checklist

Besides the grid table, there are other details you can include in your checklist, depending on what you need. At the top of your document, create a simple yet informative title, such as “Washroom Cleaning Tasks.” At the bottom, provide space for approval signatures. In one of the top corners, insert a company logo.

And that’s the last of our tips! Now you can effectively prepare a daily checklist for hotels, retail stores, and more!

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