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How to Create a Voucher?

A voucher is used as a redeemable transaction material worth a specific monetary value. It is often used to get discounts and purchase goods without spending money. Vouchers come in different forms and usage. They can be given out as gift certificates/gift cards, or you can use them as discount vouchers when ordering in your favorite restaurants. Clarity and clearness of the content is the number one element in crafting a useful and usable sample voucher.

Usually, use simple vouchers have very minimal designs, and that's because people tend to look first on what the voucher entails and offers to them. It is vital that when you create one, do it more directly and conclusively. We have provided you the different steps on how to do just that.

1. Determine the Type of Voucher

First, start by determining the type of voucher you're going to make. Birthday vouchers and gift vouchers are just two of the many varieties that you can choose from. Be perceptive in choosing one because this will be the basis of the theme, layout, and content of your voucher as you go through the voucher-making process.

2. Cover the Details

The next thing to do after determining what type of voucher you're going to make is to provide details. The content of the voucher is the most important one. If you're going for birthday vouchers, then all the entailed details should be about the birthday and not the other way around. Provide details that are relevant to the type of voucher you are making.

3. Keep It Simple and Direct

An important thing to remember in making a voucher/coupon is to keep its content as direct as it can be. Avoid putting words that are not necessary and will make your voucher overcrowded. If you're going for discount vouchers, it's good to directly state and highlight the discount that you're customers are going to get. Statistics show that 60% of consumers feel that shopping is competitive, and getting a better price than others makes them feel like winners.

4. Make Use of Bright and Attracting Colors

When designing a voucher/coupon template, use popular colors for its layouts. It will help you to make your voucher more noticeable. As much as possible, don't exaggerate its designs to the point where it already occupies all the space of the voucher. Don't let it overpower the content of your voucher.

5. Print and Market Your Vouchers

Did you know that the best way that you can market your voucher is to attach it in electronic mails (emails)? Statistics show that emails with coupons have a 14% higher open rate, 34% jump in unique clicks, a 27% increase in transaction rates, and a whopping 48% boost in revenue per email, compared to other types of promotional email ads. If you're planning to do so, check it first for correctness. Make sure that all the essential details are organized and in order. Proofread everything if you must to ensure that your voucher is worth availing for.

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