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Free Voucher Template, Printable, Download’s Free Printable Vouchers help promote your business, create branding, or reward customers with vouchers to purchase items, get cash discounts, redeem prizes, freebies, and more. We offer different kinds of vouchers for restaurants, department stores, boutiques, spas, hotels, as well as cleaning and washing services. Choose from different designs that fit your business theme and model, and customize them using our editor tool to your specifications. Download for free and print for easy distribution or share digitally online.

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Our Free Printable Voucher Templates help you save time, money, and the tedious process of designing a voucher from scratch. Choose from blank, basic, elegant, creative, vintage, or modern samples for retail stores, restaurants, cafes, photography studios, massage spas, and salons. Use it as a gift certificate, birthday coupon, payment coupon, airline travel voucher, driving lesson coupon, babysitting, or wedding gift voucher. All come with premade designs in high-definition stock images and colors. You may also opt to personalize your voucher template sample with our user-friendly editor tool, which you can utilize by choosing design elements from our template library containing thousands of designs. With drag-and-drop and mix-and-match features, feel free to replace stock images with your own and add your customized illustrations, vector graphics, layout, background, and colors. Add relevant text and content, choose appropriate fonts, and include your logo for brand awareness. With fully printable features, print on any printing device of your choice, whether on commercial or personal printing devices. Your downloaded template sample is yours to keep too, so use it and reuse it as often as you like.


  •  Why Does Companies Use Voucher?

      Vouchers are famous as 'source documents,' for they help in identifying transaction sources. Companies use such coupons for enticing customers to shop more. They provide it to them on exceeding a shopping bar. This strategy helps in higher sales of products and services as customers get persuaded seeing exciting offers.

  • What are the Different Types of Vouchers?

      Commonly there are two types of vouchers:

      • Source Vouchers- It refers to the receipt created at the points when a business makes a transaction containing all the essential information.
      • Accounting Vouchers- It records business transactions for accounting purposes. It counts both cash vouchers like credit and debit voucher; and non-cash vouchers like debit note, credit note, and invoices.
  • What is a Payment Voucher?

      A payment voucher is a document generated following a monetary transaction from one party to the other. Companies and businesses often use such prepaid vouchers instead of cash for several purposes. You can call it a receipt or an invoice that indicates the nature, date, and time of the transaction.


  • How Voucher and Invoice are Different?

      • A vouchers record transaction from one party to the other, the invoice enlists several goods and services, its price, contact, and address for payment.
      • Vouchers are made post the organization's order, and the receiving report matches the vendor's invoice. An invoice is made when an individual makes an order with a due date.
  • What are the Features of Vouchers?

      • Vouchers are evidence of the transaction, and it is always in written form.
      • It records the period of the transaction and must relate to an accounting year.
      • It showcases the nature of transactions like on any purchase, sale, payment, expenses, etc.
      • It contains authority approval proof like signature and stamps.