Got to tie your time up to your tasks? Is the coming week too loaded to be handled? Do not worry because there is a way for that. When you create a weekly calendar, you can now set your tasks and do it as scheduled. Other than that, we give you these 100% customizable Weekly Calendar Templates for you to use and help you save your time. With these beautifully designed templates, you can now create your own because these are made easily editable for you. You can have these templates in Google DocsMS Word, and Apple Pages file formats. Be more organized and productive by downloading our Weekly Budget Calendar Template today!

What Is a Weekly Calendar?

Whether you will have a daily calendar, weekly calendar, monthly calendar or even yearly calendars, these denominate one purpose, to help you organize your life and the tasks that you have to do in a span of time. But did you know that when you choose the wrong format (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly calendar) in your task-scheduling, it will possibly mislead you to your purpose? How possible is that?

Each format is created with a different target. A weekly calendar enables you to overview the tasks for a week. This can be a combination of a daily and weekly calendar, this allows you to view your daily tasks that are generally presented. Using this calendar, you are only seeing just the activities that you have to focus on.

How to Make An Appealing Weekly Calendar?

weekly calendar template

You use weekly calendars to guide you in your tasks for seven days. How would a simple calendar encourage you to follow the scheduled task? Simply by creating an appealing weekly calendar. Before you do so, you have to be reminded with some consideration in choosing a weekly calendar over the others. You use this if you want to see activities and tasks on a wider view. You have to jot down the main things that you want to achieve within a week.

Provided herein are the steps to successfully come up with an appealing format and tips on what details to include to attain a winning content.

1. Spread your Tasks

Distribute the activities you need to achieve for a week based on its importance and urgency. Do not fill a day with lots of tasks and leave the other days with nothing. Maintain balance sheet in spreading the tasks or ay appointments for a week. You have seven days to handle all your tasks.

2.Set a Blank Schedule

The blank schedule is not entirely good for a whole day. This is the time when you give your self a break and have a fun time doing your hobbies and spend time with friends or family. You are creating a weekly calendar to organize tasks, why would you stress yourself if you can at least spend time for leisure?

3. Let it Flow

It is good to be committed to your plans, however, overcommitting is not encouraged. You have to be responsible for following your scheduled tasks in your weekly calendar, but let it flow. Don't stock yourself in your weekly schedule. Always remember that there is more to life than work and having your weekly calendar.

4. Don't Over-charge

You have to set a specific hour/s for your assigned tasks. Set a timetable for all your activities in a week. For students, if you have coming examinations, include in your weekly calendar how much time will you render for each subject.

5. Have a Break

Have a break and plan for a real-life than your tasks. Spend time doing your stress relievers. Ensure to have gaps for activities. Sometimes, you have to deal with downtimes.

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