Simple, efficient, and accurate. Three words that we can describe to our calendar templates. If you are looking for a high-quality calendar that will keep track of your schedule, important events, or holidays, well look no more. We offer you our variety of Simple Calendar Templates that will make your yearly date tracking at ease. Feel free to choose from our printable, editable, high-quality templates below. Our templates are also downloadable in different file formats such as Google Docs, MS Word, and Apple Pages. What are you waiting for? Grab and download our templates now!

What Is a Calendar?

A calendar, in this case, a simple calendar is an organized chart that shows the days, weeks, and months within a specific year. It also used as a tool to determine the special holidays, religious affair, moon phase, and the particular season of the year. Additionally, a calendar could also be used to manage one's task, such as a planner and schedule.

How To Create a Simple Calendar?

simple calendar template

Imagine a world without having a systematized calendar. Odd right? The world's most important event wouldn't be on the books if that would be the case. Calendars play a vital role in everyone's daily endeavors. It serves as a basis for the daily scheduling of one's task. That is why if you wish to have a sample calendar of your own, make sure to check on our calendar templates above. We also provided below a guide on how you can create a simple calendar.

1. Choose Your Desired Design Templates

With the advancement of technology, calendars can be easily accessed digitally in a snap. Most of the people prefer using calendars through their mobile phone or in a personal computer. There is nothing wrong with that. But if you prefer to have the traditional printable calendars, make sure to check on our various templates above.

2. Pick the Best Editing Software

In picking the editing software, make sure that you'll choose the one that will suit your editing skills and project needs. There are editing applications that have a built-in feature where you can create a calendar effortlessly, like MS Word. However, if you wish to pick other editing software, there's no need for you to worry for all of our templates above are available in multiple file formats.

3. Transfer the Days, Weeks, Months, and Year

After picking the editing software that you want to use, carefully transfer the necessary calendar details. List the details chronologically to avoid inaccuracy in your calendar. Remember, you also need to synchronize your calendar data to the specific placement of days, weeks, and months to the time of the year.

4. Highlight the Holidays

Make your editable calendar more systematic. You need to include the declared holidays in your calendar. Highlight them depending on how you want them to do it. Just make sure that it is projected in your calendar for tracking purposes. You can also include highlighting the particular event that needs to be celebrated, like birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

5. Include a Remark Section

In the lower part of your calendar, you can also include a remark or comment section. This part will serve as your guide to monitor the important matter and daily schedules that you'll need to do during a specific time of the day.

6. Produce a Copy of Your Calendar

Finally! After formulating your calendar, you can save your calendar to any of your devices. You can also choose to print your calendar through your home printer or at any printing shop available in your area. If you choose to have a printed one, make sure that you'll use high-quality paper for the durability of your printable calendar.

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