Weekly Meeting Minutes Templates

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What Are Weekly Meeting Minutes?

Weekly meeting minutes are a written document recorded weekly that is used to inform people of what happened during the meeting and define the next step planned. Meeting minutes typically describe the events of the conference and may include a list of participants, an explanation of the problems regarded by the respondents, and associated answers or choices on the problems.

How To Make Weekly Meeting Minutes

Sample meeting minutes are crucial for a meeting. You've written your project with lots of significant information like who's accountable for what action, when, how, etc. Efficient meeting minutes are apparent and timely, but they do not leave important information out at the same time. Do you often ask what data you are supposed to document and what should you leave out? Well, it doesn't have to be difficult to record efficient minutes of the meeting. Here are easy steps to write purposeful weekly meeting minutes.

1. Write Immediately

People forget 40% of what they've learned in 20 minutes and 77% of what they've learned in six days. For you to write an accurate record, you should write while your memory is still fresh. If you can't recall everything, then you may ask anyone present in the meeting to clarify the things that you've jotted down. 

2. Try Reviewing Your Outline

Do not be too confident that you wrote accurate and detailed minutes. Recheck your notes and remember to add significant information discussed by the participants. Arrange the data in a chronological manner and state who said what. It is also important to proofread your minutes so they look credible to readers. For you to avoid errors, it's best if you use a grammar-checking application.

3. Include Sufficient Details

It is advisable to record a short description for each action taken, especially for the minutes of the Board of Directors. Before passing a motion, there may be plenty of arguments in a meeting, so better include the significant details, whether it is for or against the argument.

4. Recheck to Assure Clarity

You should try using simple words in making your staff meeting minutes so that it can be understood right away. Do not use names to record other than motions and seconds. Do not attempt to summarize your notes if you need to refer to other papers. Instead, merely show where they can be discovered.

5. Insert Photos

Including visual content in a press release increases the number of views by over 45 percent. No matter the context, images increase exposure and engagement because they make things more visually appealing. When using flip charts or mind mapping software during the meeting, include references to papers, screenshots or integrated files. With a mobile camera, you can take pictures of what you wrote on flip-charts, the resolution will be great to insert in the minutes. 

6. Print Out Your Minutes

To create corporate meeting minutes that look professionally made, print it on archival paper using a high-quality laser printer. Use A4 paper and apply good margins. Know that thin margins make it hard to bind. Thus, printing on acid-free paper is less important for supporting paper. Think wise on what kind of paper to use!