Door Hanger Sizes

Door hangers come in various sizes, depending on their purpose and how companies use them to advertise their brand, products, and services. This article lists the multiple sizes available when creating a door hanger design.

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Door Hanger Sizes Standard

Here are the standard door hanger sizes that you may take note of:


The mini size is a standard door hanger size measuring 3.5×8.5 inches. It is mainly used for simple applications like a “do not disturb” notice due to its minimal surface area for inserting text and images.


Next is the standard door hanger size, which has a dimension of 4.25×11 inches. Most people are pretty familiar with this size and would prefer to use it compared to the other measurement since it has sufficient room to write messages and insert graphics.


The last standard door hanger size is the jumbo size, which is 5.5×17 in inches. It has the most room for inserting messages and graphics and is also the costliest option of the other three sizes.

Door Hanger Sizes for Print

The door hanger sizes for cardboard cutout printing are the following:


The mini printed door hanger size follows a measurement of 3.5×8.5 inches. The cardstock (either matter or glossy) used for this size should be 10pt to give it a heavyweight feel.


The standard printed door hanger size follows a dimension of 4.25×11 inches, which should have a 10pt cardstock.


As for jumbo printed door hanger size, it measures 5.5×17 in inches and follows a 13pt matte, recycled cardstock since it involves a large amount of environmental waste.

Door Hanger Sizes for Business

Businesses that need to market their products or services also follow the exact standard sizes for door hangers since they are not costly to use.


The mini size for business door hangers still follows the 3.5×8.5 inch measurement and is excellent for businesses with minimal content to market, such as a simple product sale.


The standard size for business door hangers is 4.25×11 inches. This measurement is ideal for businesses that prefer more (but not too much) wiggle room in terms of written and graphic content.


The jumbo size for business door hangers is 5.5×17 inches. This size is ideal for businesses that want to fit tons of marketing and graphic content on their door hanger.

Door Hanger Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop also follows the same standard door hanger sizes. However, extra bleed space should be allocated when making the templates so that they can be printed and trimmed down to size without any unnecessary white margins on the edges.


The size for mini templates in Adobe Photoshop is 3.5×8.5 inches (plus the bleed). As stated earlier, this is for personal or straightforward marketing use only as it leaves little room for written and graphic content.


The size for standard templates in Adobe Photoshop is 4.5×11 inches (plus the bleed). This dimension is for customers who prefer more room than the mini template for their messages or graphics.


The size for jumbo templates in Adobe Photoshop is 5.5×17 inches (plus the bleed). This measurement is for people who prefer considerable room for their messages or graphics, but this can also be costly when printed.

Door Hanger Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are broadly similar apps (in the sense that you can design your door hanger in both applications) which is why they also share the exact door hanger sizes to be followed. At the same time, it should also include bleed to avoid unnecessary white borders on the door hanger.


What is the standard size for a door hanger?

The most used standard sizes for door hangers are 3.5×8.5 inches (mini size), 4.5×11 inches (medium size), and 5.5×17 inches (jumbo size).

What size to use for a monogram door hanger?

The ideal size to be used when creating monogram door hangers or door wreaths is 20 inches with a ½ inch thickness, depending on the material used (wood, metal, and so on).

How do I choose the right door hanger size?

Understand the purpose of your door hanger and think of the content you wish to place, then determine your target audience before choosing the right door hanger size.

How do you increase door hanger size in Photoshop?

Increase the dimensions of your door hanger in Photoshop by selecting the artboard you are working on or the move tool, then choose a preset size from the option bar or manually drag the boundaries using the artboard handles.

What are the dimensions of a door hanger?

The standard dimensions of a door hanger are 4.25 inches horizontally and 11 inches vertically, but it can be as large as 5.25 inches in width and 17 inches in height for larger design areas.

What is the perfect resolution for a door hanger?

The perfect resolution for a door hanger largely depends on its use-case scenarios, such as summer season events or invitations for political gatherings, which may have a resolution of 504×816 pixels since they may need to fit various design elements.

How to design a door hanger in Illustrator in perfect sizes?

Designing a perfect-sized door hanger in Illustrator requires a measurement of 4.25×11 inches and 5.5×8.5 inches for larger image applications.

What size hole should be in door hangers?

Door hanger holes usually have a standard size of 1.25 inches in diameter.

What is the most effective door hanger size?

The most effective door hanger size is 4×11 inches, but those that require larger elements should have a dimension of 5.5×8.5 inches.

How to print the door hanger in pixel size?

Press the print button and customize your door hanger size through its settings option before printing your output.