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Different leaflets each serve different purposes. And it’s a given that their purpose dictates how big or small they can be. Read on to find out more about their sizes. leaflet-sizes1

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Leaflet Sizes Standard

There are various leaflet sizes that are available that can be used by companies for promotional purposes. As for the standard sizes, here are the available ones:


A7 size leaflets measure around 2.9×4.1 inches (or 74x105mm) and are the smallest ones in general use.


A6 size leaflets measure around 4.1×5.8 inches (or 105x148mm) and are ideal for inserting into items that are bought by customers as a bundle either in-house or online.


A5 size leaflets measure around 5.8×8.3 inches (or 148x210mm) and are usually the most popular size since they can fit into the pockets of most customers while still having enough room for important details to be provided.


DL size leaflets measure around 8.3×3.9 inches (or 210x99mm) and they are so named because they fit perfectly into DL-sized envelopes.

Leaflet Sizes for Digital – Social Media


LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites in use by today’s businesses and companies. For a company opting to upload their leaflet/s to this site, they should keep in mind to observe an aspect ratio of 1.91:1 and observe dimensions of 1200×628 pixels.



Another great alternative to LinkedIn that a majority of businesses still use is Facebook. For business leaflets to have the best quality possible, the ideal dimensions to follow would be 1080×1080 pixels (for adverts) and 1200×630 pixels (for main timeline posts).



Some companies prefer to have Instagram as their main social media profile. Should they wish to promote an event or let more followers know more about who they are, they can opt for digital flyers, and they should observe a resolution of 1080×1350 pixels if they wish to have their flyers in the best quality possible.


Leaflet Sizes for Print

The most popular leaflet sizes for printing are A4 (21×29.7 cm) and A5 (14.8×21 cm), since, like brochures and flyers, they are ideal for handing out to prospects at a trade show or a conference event. A4 page size allows the maximum room for content, such as marketing literature, or custom images such as maps. For printing, the cardboard stock should be around 130 to 400 GSM.


Leaflet Sizes for Email

If you prefer to not carry a folder full of leaflets, emailing it is an option. For email, the recommended leaflet size would be around 600px wide. Additionally, the file size must not exceed 1MB to ensure that the leaflet image/images load properly and quickly in the email.


Leaflet Sizes for Business

The maximum leaflet size that businesses use is the A5 paper size (14.8×21 cm). As stated earlier, this is popular within businesses since they can still fit enough detail into this size of leaflet without worrying if it fits their customer’s pockets or not, which can be the difference between the customer wanting to take the flyer home or not receiving a response at all.


Leaflet Sizes for Photoshop

The ideal base size for leaflets one should create in Adobe Photoshop measures around 216×154 mm. Additionally, bleed areas should be created, which will have the dimensions of the document extended by 3mm. The ideal pixel resolution to be followed in the document should be 300ppi.


Leaflet Sizes for Illustrator

When making a leaflet in Adobe Illustrator, you can follow the same size as used in Adobe Photoshop, which is 216x154mm. Bleed areas are also included which allows the artwork to extend beyond the cut edges of the document and prevents untidy white edges when printing if bleed is not included.



What is the standard size of a leaflet?

The standard sizes of a leaflet are A7 (74x105mm), A6 (105x148mm), A5 (148x210mm), and DL (210x99mm).

What is the size of a DL leaflet?

The size of a DL leaflet is 210×99 mm or 1/3 of an A4 paper.

What icon size should be on a leaflet?

The ideal size for icons (circle, square, and so on) you should insert on a leaflet is at 248×248 px.

How do you print an A4 size leaflet on Photoshop

As you finish your leaflet in Adobe Photoshop, hit your shortcut key for Print (usually Ctrl+P) and a dialogue box should appear, which allows you to tailor the document, such as selecting the quality, color profile, and the image size (which should be A4 size), and once you’re satisfied with the selection, its time to hit that print button.

How to make a leaflet in pixel size?

It usually involves making them in Illustrator or Photoshop since it gives the best opportunity to measure the pixel size of the leaflets being created.

What are the dimensions of a leaflet?

The dimensions of a leaflet depend on the size being selected, for example, A5 leaflets have a dimension of 148×210 mm.

What size of a leaflet should I choose for my business?

The popular choice for leaflet size used in businesses is the A5 paper size.

What font size should be on a leaflet?

The font size that should be used on a leaflet depends entirely on the size of the leaflet chosen, for example, DL size leaflets usually use 8-10pt font size for their main content.

How can I change the size of a leaflet in Illustrator?

To increase or decrease the size of the leaflets in Illustrator, select its artboard using the artboard tool and enter the new sizes in the corresponding artboard panel on the right-hand side of the application.

How to design the perfect resolution leaflets for my business?

You can do that by selecting the ideal sized leaflet (in this case, A5) and making sure that the content inside it fits exactly to the dimensions of the A5 paper and no stretching is needed, which can degrade the resolution quality of the images/graphics present.