Menu Sizes

Menu sizes can vary when considering all the factors that come into play when creating and designing your menu. In the size chart below, you will learn more about the menu sizes you can use for your printed material and when utilizing digital platforms. menu-sizes1

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Most food establishments in the US choose to hand out menus to customers that measure 8.5” by 11” or 216 mm by 279.5 mm to fit together a detailed list of what they can serve.


Menus with the dimensions of 8.3” by 11.7”, which equates to 210 mm by 297 mm, is perfect for restaurants in UK and Europe needing enough space to get creative with their menu layout.

Tabloid Menu

Utilizing tabloid menus with a size page measuring 11” by 17” or 280 mm by 430 mm is also gaining popularity in several restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Facebook Menu Size

When posting your menu on Facebook, using a high-resolution image with 1200 by 630 pixels dimensions help you avoid cropping and optimizes load time in your Mac and Windows PC and smart and Android devices.


Instagram Menu Size

Using square image orientation with dimensions 1080 by 1080 pixels is super effective on Instagram.


Twitter Menu Size

When using Twitter to increase the audience reach of your menu, uploading your menu using the sizes 1,200 by 628 pixels is recommended.


Pinterest Menu Size

Using the dimensions 535 by 693 pixels and 768 by 1024 pixels would help improve the appearance and quality of your menu on Pinterest. 


Shopify Menu Size

To give your menu a more amusing and professional look, you can use 2048 by 2048 pixels when uploading it on Shopify.


Letter Size Menu: 8.5″ by 11″

It measures 216 mm by 279.5 mm. With this page size, you have enough space to add icons and put your description when customizing your menu. 


Legal Size Menu: 8.5” by 14”

Slightly larger than the letter-size menu, it is ideal for businesses that serve multiple categories and plenty of food items. Legal-size menus measure 215.9 mm by 355.6 mm.


Tabloid Menu: 11” by 17”

It has dimensions measuring 280 mm by 430 mm. This paper size is mostly used by pubs and bars to list available options for cocktails, wine, champagne, sodas, and other dishes.


A4 Menu: 8.3” by 11.7”

Cafes and restaurants choose to use the measurements 210 mm by 297 mm to print engaging designs, images, and details of their cuisines and design their menu covers. Businesses that use folder-style menus and menu books choose this paper size.


Bi-Fold Menu: 4.25” by 11”/ 5.5” by 8.5”

The final page sizes of bi-fold menus differ when you fold an 8.5” by 11” paper size vertically and horizontally. When using a vertical fold, it measures 101.6 mm by 279.5 mm, and when you choose to do the latter, the dimensions of your page size will be 139.7 mm by 215.9 mm.


Tri-Fold Menu: 5.687” by 11”

To have a tri-fold menu, you will fold your tabloid-size paper to achieve three tall panels. Each panel can measure 144.45 mm by 279.4 mm, although depending on your folding method, it can vary.


To maximize the impact of your email campaigns, couple it with an attractive and high-screen resolution image of your menu. To do so, ensure to upload your menu using the dimensions 600 by 1500 pixels.


Using menus that measure 8.5” by 11” and utilizing half-page menus with the dimensions of 4.25” by 11” are ideal for businesses. For those offering an extensive list of categories and choices for drinks and dishes, you might want to start using A4 size menus measuring 8.3” by 11.7”.


When you use Adobe Photoshop CS6 and other published versions, the dimensions 8.27” by 11.69” will be best for you. To improve the image resolution, do not forget to print your food menu at 300 dots per inch.


Designing your menu using the dimensions 216 mm by 279.5 mm makes for a printable and mouth-watering menu. After a series of taxing steps of using your rush and personalizing your menu templates and layout, ensure to deliver maximum impact by using CMYK color mode to amplify the colors.


What is the standard size of a menu?

The standard size of a menu in the US and UK equates to the measurements of letter size (8.5″ by 11″) and A4 (8.3″ by 11.17″) size pages.

How to increase menu font size in photoshop?

To resize the fonts in the text of your menu flyer, the step to follow is clicking the type tool, and selecting the “set the font size” option will allow you to choose or input your preferred font size.

What size should a wedding menu be?

On average, the most used menu size for weddings is 5″ by 7″ or 127 mm by 177.8 mm.

What is the average size of a restaurant menu?

Most restaurants use letter paper and tabloid paper size menus, and also they fold these similar page sizes for their bi-fold and tri-fold menus, vouchers, and brochures.

How to make A4 size menu in illustrator?

To create an A4 size menu in Adobe Illustrator, after generating and customizing your brand name, logo, product description, price list, and other essential aspects, you need to adjust its width and height and take it to 8.3″ by 11.7″.

How to design a party menu in pixel size?

To ensure readability and improve the quality of your party menu, you should design and upload it in 768 by 1024 pixel size.

Which is the most effective size of a restaurant menu?

Ideally, lunch menus should have measurements of 8.5″ by 11″, dinner menus should follow the legal size of 8.5″ by 14″, and the typical drinks and desserts menu is skinny and long pages that usually measure 4.25″ by 11″.

What are the dimensions of a menu card?

Menu cards vary in dimensions, but the ideal dimensions for your menu card are 148 mm by 210 mm.

What size is a pizza shop menu template?

You can find pizza shop menu templates on Gimp, Divi Restaurant Menu Module, and other graphic design studios that range from letter, legal, tabloid, half-page, to tri-fold sizes.

How do you increase menu card image size in Word?

For resizing your small menu card image, you need to click on it, find the “format” tab in the “picture” tools and input the measurements you want to use to increase its size in Microsoft Word Office.