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Newspapers vary in size depending on where its made. If you’re wondering what size to go for, read on and find out what newspaper size you should choose when making one! newspaper-sizes2

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Newspaper Sizes Standard


Letter-formatted newspapers are around 8.5″ × 11″ or 216 mm × 279 mm. With this size, it is used to make newspapers about business and academic content.



Legal formats are around 8.5″ × 14″ or 216 × 356mm. They are used to make legal pads.



Newspapers that use the tabloid formats are around 11″ × 17″ or 279 mm × 432 mm. They are used to make tabloid newspapers.


Newspaper Sizes for Digital – Social Media

Facebook Newspaper Size

For Facebook news posts in the timeline, the recommended size for it is a resolution of 1,200 × 1,200 pixels.


Twitter Newspaper Size

For Twitter posts, the recommended size for the newspaper articles is around 800 × 418 pixels.


Instagram Newspaper Size

As Instagram could compromise the resolution, your newspaper posts are recommended to be between 566 and 1350 pixels.


Newspaper Sizes for Print

The following is a summary of the sizes for print.


Newspaper Sizes for Email

When sending a newspaper file over through email, it is best to keep the size around 600 px.


Newspaper Sizes for Business

When it comes to business, commercial, or advertising purposes, the ideal size for your newspaper would be a broadsheet, which is 23.5″ × 29.5″.


Newspaper Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

When making a newspaper in Adobe Photoshop, you can stick to the tabloid paper size, which is 2480 pixels × 3508 pixels (print resolution) or 595 pixels x 842 pixels (screen resolution).


Newspaper Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

When making a newspaper on Adobe Illustrator, you can stick with the size of 432 mm × 279 mm.



What is the standard size of a newspaper?

Nowadays, newspapers have a standard size of 11″ × 21″.

How to make a newspaper layout in InDesign?

Open a new document and choose the newspaper layout feature in InDesign.

What size font does newspaper print?

The usual font size of newspapers is set smaller than 12 points.

What font do newspapers use?

The common fonts used in newspapers include Times New Roman, Franklin Gothic, and Helvetica.

How to calculate newspaper ad size?

You measure the ad size by measuring the width and length of the section it takes on the page and may come in full-page, half-page, or quarter-page ads.

How to design a newspaper ad in the appropriate dimensions?

Design your newspaper ad in column inches as they are usually depicted in that dimension in newspapers, and don’t forget the bleed or the background color that extends beyond the trim area on the sides, top, and bottom.

What size frame fits a newspaper?

A 24″ × 36″ size frame fits a newspaper.

What font size are newspaper headlines should be?

The normal font size of a newspaper headline should be a certain size ranging between 18 and 29 pixels.

What size is a broadsheet newspaper?

The average size of a broadsheet newspaper is 597 × 749 mm or 23.5 × 29.5 inches.

What are different newspaper sizes?

Different newspaper sizes include broadsheet, tabloid, compact, Berliner, and Swiss.