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Life is full of adventures, and keeping these all in a beautifully curated photobook will make them even more unforgettable. Get across your mind-blowing narratives by putting together fond and timeless memories in a custom photobook with a keen regard for the proper photobook sizes and formats. photobook-size

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Photobook Sizes Standard

5″ x 7″

A 5×7-inch photobook is one of the most popularly distributed in the market. It is great for portrait photographs. And since it is about the size of a common book, it will not be difficult to carry it anywhere knowing that it can easily fit into your bag.

8 ” x  8″

An 8×8-inch square photobook is an excellent option when showing off your wonderful family trips or random getaways with friends. This does not only offer an excellent space for both your portrait and landscape photos but also a mixture of layouts.

8.5″ x 11″

An 8.5×11-inch photobook in a landscape orientation gives a nice horizontal symmetry for all the images being showcased with so much more vivid details. This is considered to be the standard of all standards.

10″ x 10″

A 10×10-inch photobook gives your photo collection enough space for custom layouts and designs. And since it has a considerable capacity to accommodate some fun art, it might be a good idea to give your own a variety of craftwork.

12″ x 12″

A 12×12-inch square photobook is ideal for wedding photos. This is also great for photographers who are looking for ways to showcase their professional photography portfolio.

Photobook Sizes for Digital – Social Media

Facebook Photobook Sizes

A sharp, crisp image for Facebook is typically at 1702 x 630 pixels, but Facebook can resize for the best dimensions for your photography. A 1200-pixel square photo is also perfect as it keeps the vital elements not only at the top of the images but also at the bottom.


Instagram Photobook Sizes

For optimal image quality on Instagram, the platform recommends an aspect ratio of 1200 x 1200 pixels which is 1:1 or 1200 x 1500 pixels at 0.8, and 1200 x 529 pixels at 1.907 aspect ratio. There are no restrictions on the actual photo size being uploaded but it will automatically be converted into that acceptable aspect ratio once posted.


Twitter Photobook Sizes

While it is always exciting to get your photobook creation tweeted, keep in mind that the platform has an ideal aspect ratio of 1200 x 675 pixels with a maximum file size of 5MB.


Pinterest Photobook Sizes

Pinterest is the best place to find inspiration in a form of stunning images depicted on a variety of subjects. But, before you start pinning yours, remember that the ideal pin size is around 1000 x 15000 pixels but you can also opt for a higher resolution such as 2000 x 3000 pixels or 1200 x 1800 pixels, or even lower at 600 × 900 pixels. All these will give you an aspect of 2:3 which is an ideal size for a Pinterest pin.


Photobook Sizes for Print

Depending on the orientation, the photobook can go from as tiny as  5.8” x  5.8” for a square one and as huge as 16.5” x 11.7” for a horizontal orientation. It follows the standard sizes so options can vary according to how you want the project would come out later.


Photobook Sizes for Email

Reliving your children’s fun birthday memories? Stacking up your digital memories in your email is not a bad idea as long as you keep the right size for each photo orientation so you can have something to flip through digitally any time you are feeling nostalgic. Your photobook should be at 8” x 11”, 11” x 14”, or 12” x 16” for it to look nice in your email.


Photobook Sizes for Business

A professional photobook comes in sizes akin to the standard but you can always get it customized. Your photobook can go as huge as 12” x 12” but if you feel good at the regular square-shaped at 8” x 8”, it should look amazing for your brand too.


Photobook Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

Creating a photobook through Adobe Photoshop is not as technical as any other photo-editing studio. Just follow through with the recommended steps as well as the proper dimensions of each orientation and you will definitely finish the project right. You can have it at a 12-inch square orientation or 8.5” x 11” in a landscape orientation. If you are making a photobook using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, the app will automatically resize the image for it to fit into the photocell. Photobook creators can, however, get their copies in PDF file format in these sizes:


Photobook Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator can custom-fit your photobook not only with the layout but also with the graphics and textual elements needed to make it aesthetically pleasing. When printing, though, you need to set each page at .125 bleed to give an extra 0.125 inches of artwork beyond the trim line.


Photobook Sizes FAQs

What Is a Standard Photo Book Size?

A standard photobook varies considerably in size, depending on the type of orientation (landscape, portrait, or square) that appeals to you most.

What Format Should Photos Be for a Photo Book?

Photo formats are entirely a personal choice but layflat photobooks in a landscape orientation have always been considered classic.

What Is an 8×8 Photo Book?

A regular square photobook with 8” x 8” symmetry easily accommodates a combination of layouts and orientations which is why it is an excellent way of organizing an equal number of landscape and portrait photos.

What Is the Best Size for a Wedding Photo Book?

A perfect wedding photobook should be nowhere than 8” x 8” square format or a larger size of 14” x 11” in a landscape design.

What DPI Should Photo Books Be?

A 300-dpi resolution should give your photobook excellent quality print.

What Are the Maximum Photos You Can Have in a Photobook?

Hardcover or softcover, a photobook of 150 pages can accommodate 1,350 photos with a maximum of nine photos on each page but that depends heavily on the size.

What Resolution Is Best for Photo Books?

The minimum recommended size of a photo-sized A5 or A4 is 2 megapixels or 1600×1200 resolution in a full-page print which is still considered the holy grail of photography.

What Is the Best Shape for a Photo Book?

While layflat landscape photobook orientation remains the format, a perfect shape of a photobook is square as it has a perfect symmetry that easily draws the eye to the center of the image regardless of the size.

What Is the Most Popular Size for a Photo Book?

The most popular photobook size sought for any occasion is 8.5’” x 11” which is exceptionally great for average-sized horizontal photos.

How Many Pages Do Photo Books Have?

Photobooks can have as many as a couple of hundred pages or as fewer as 20 pages.