Sign Sizes

Signs come in various sizes and shapes, depending on what the purpose is or how much detail is shown on them. Work smart and learn about the different sign sizes before creating one to make sure it looks appropriate and professional.

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Table of Content

Sign Sizes Standard

Small Standard Sizes

The sizes within this category range from:

4″ × 6″
4″ × 12″
6″ × 12″
6″ × 18″
6″ × 24″
6″ × 30″
9″ × 18″
9″ × 24″
12″ × 12″
12″ × 18″
12″ × 24″
12″ × 30″
12″ × 36″
12″ × 48″

These sizes are reserved for poster-style signs that one would post on a wall of an office or hang on a door.

Medium Standard Sizes

Sizes within this category range from:

18″ × 18″
18″ × 24″
18″ × 30″
18″ × 36″
18″ × 48″
24″ × 36″
24″ × 48″
24″ × 72″
24″ × 96″

These sizes are usually used for road signs such as those you’d find in outdoor public spaces like a park or places with traffic.

Large Standard Sizes

In this size category, signs usually have more information to convey hence the space or are needed to be seen by many from far distances. The size ranged from:

36″ × 36″
36″ × 48″
36″ × 72″
36″ × 96″
48″ × 48″
48″ × 72″
48″ × 96″

These are usually reserved for signage on the highway but can also be used for business purposes.

Standard Commercial Sizes

These types of signs are usually made by a company that seeks to do some advertising. The sizes include:

36″ × 120″
36″ × 144″
36″ × 192″
48″ × 120″
48″ × 144″
48″ × 192″
60″ × 120″
60″ × 144″
60″ × 192″
60″ × 240″

The size is ideal for getting the attention of potential customers even from a distance.

Sign Sizes for Digital – Social Media


If you want to post your sign image on Facebook, the maximum size it can render on a good resolution is 1200 × 630 pixels or 12.5″ × 6.5″, so your sign, whether big or small can be of that resolution only.


Like most images on Twitter, the ideal image size for your sign template is around 1200 × 675 pixels or 12.5″ × 7″.


Placing your sign images on Instagram can be helpful in reaching your target audience. The maximum size should be around 1080 × 608 pixels or 11.25″ × 6.3″ wide.


Posting signs on LinkedIn typically involves job openings and opportunities. Images posted on LinkedIn should be at a maximum of 1200 × 628 pixels or 12.5″ × 6.5″.

Sign Sizes for Print

When publishing a sign, you can use any of the standard sizes like 4″ × 12″ as well as make a custom size that suits your own purposes. Whether you want to make a welcome sign for a wedding party or a sign for a carnival, there is no limit to how big or small you want it when you print it out.

Sign Sizes for Email

Like most images set through email, the recommended normal size for a sign being sent through is around 600 × 650 pixels or 6.25″ × 6.7″.

Sign Sizes for Business

Businesses tend to go with the standard commercial sizes when making their signs. The average size for this is 36″ × 192″.

Sign Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

When it comes to the size of your sign in Adobe Photoshop you have free reign to choose from the smallest to the biggest possible size that Photoshop can allow you to have depending on what type of sign you are making. If you are making one that will be used for physical signages, the recommended size is 2250 × 3000 pixels or 8 × 10 inches.

Sign Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

If you are designing content for a sign that will be 20 × 20 inches then the recommended size in Illustrator would be 2500 × 2500 pixels. That way, the quality of the content can be rendered properly.

Sign Sizes FAQs

How to reduce the size of a sign

When editing the content of your sign, you can use the editing software to also render it in a smaller size.

What is a good size for a sign?

Whether its a basic plastic sign that swings or a mounted one with a transparent frame, a good size for a sign would be around 4″ x 6″.

How do you find the letter size for a sign?

You can find the letter size appropriate for your sign by using the ratio of 1 inch per 10 feet, it allows you to insert a basic array on display that can easily read.

What size are business signs?

The common size for business signs is 36″ x 192″ which can be used for anything like a DIY shirt shop, a clothing store, a carnival barn, etc..

What size do I need for safety signs?

A good starting point for sizes in safety signs is 7″ x 10″ which is deal for signages like caution
or one that sends a message.

How to choose the right yard sign size?

The right size for a yard sign should be something that can be seen from 1 foot away which is pretty useful for cases like an assembly point in fire assembly or an emergency exit.

What size sign can I put on the front of my store?

Whether it’s a sandwich shop at the carnival or a collection of garage sale acrylic sheets, if you want to hang a sign for your store, a good start is from 36″ x 192″ and above.

What is the right size for a stop sign?

The right size for a stop sign (the one used for no entry traffic on the pavement) is 30 inches across opposite flats of an octagon.

How to determine the size of letters for a sign

To determine the size of letters for your sign, make sure to add 1 inch for every 10 feet of the distance you want it to be seen.

What are the dimensions of a sign?

The dimensions of a sign are its length (vertical) and width (horizontal).