4th of July

The United States has plenty of yearly holidays in celebration of freedom and liberty. One of those is the 4th of July, and it’s an important federal holiday. It’s a popular annual occasion that even non-Americans know quite well. On top of that, this year’s 4th of July holiday is fast approaching and now is the perfect time to talk about it. 4th-of-july

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4th of July Definition & Meaning

4th of July, also known as Independence Day, is a federal holiday that commemorates the Declaration of Independence in the United States.

4th of July is a significant US holiday observed by Americans to celebrate their country’s freedom from British colonizers.

When Is 4th of July?

The answer lies in the name of the holiday itself. It’s celebrated on July 4 of every year. The reason why it’s celebrated on that specific date is that it was on July 4, 1776 that the Continental Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence. It officially freed 13 Northern American British Colonies from Great Britain’s authority.

4th of July Purpose & Importance

Americans are deeply patriotic people. That said, 4th of July is one of those yearly events that they celebrate like it’s a religious occasion. So here let’s discuss the purpose and importance of 4th of July.

Celebrate the American Freedom

July 4, 1776 marks the day that the United States became its own nation, free from the hands of British colonizers. It was the start of the freedom that the Americans are privileged to have to this day. Freedom is such an important element in the daily lives of Americans, and that’s why 4th of July is a grand occasion for them.

Commemorate the People Who Fought for Independence

During the 4th of July, Americans also commemorate those who fought for their independence and their nation. They acknowledge the sacrifices those people made to attain freedom and peace, that include military personnel who served and died with honor. It’s a lot like Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Express Patriotism

As mentioned, Americans are patriotic people. So every 4th of July, they express their patriotism and love for their country. If you happen to visit the US on that day, you might see parades, festivals, concerts, and other events that use the colors of the American flag as the theme or motif.

What’s In the 4th of July?

On the 4th of July, there’ll be a lot of events across the United States in celebration of Independence Day. It’s a prominent American tradition. There’ll be parties, fireworks, parades, festivals, picnics, family gatherings, and many more. Parks will also be full of people with their families enjoying good food, a festive atmosphere, and time away from work.

How to Create a 4th of July Social Media Post

Social media is a platform that we can all access in an instant. Thanks to it, you can celebrate and participate in 4th of July festivities with your social media accounts. With that in mind, read our quick guide on creating a beautiful DIY 4th of July social media post.


1. Select a 4th of July Facebook Post Template.


You can find plenty of 4th of July templates for Facebook on our site. Simply click the one that you like and customize it using our Editor tool.

2. Add your custom 4th of July greeting.


Your chosen template has an existing greeting. You can change it to your own by going to the Fill panel. In doing so, you’ll find the Fill Text section where you can type your unique 4th of July greetings or message.

3. Insert 4th of July photos.


You can make your template even livelier by inserting 4th of July photos. Head to the Photos panel and type “4th of July” on the Unsplash or Pixabay search bar. Click and drag the photo you want to the template.

4. Customize the background color.


You can also customize the background color if you want. Head to the Background panel and click See All under Colors to explore various choices. Since it’s 4th of July, we recommend you use a background color that fits the theme.

5. Download or save and upload to Facebook.


After customizing and adding visual elements, save or download your templates for safe keeping. When 4th of July comes, you can then upload it to your Facebook timeline.


1. Choose a 4th of July Instagram Post Template.


Explore our library of 4th of July Instagram post templates and select one that you fancy. Simply click the template of your choice and start editing it on our Editor page.

2. Input your 4th of July message.


Your 4th of July message is the most important part of the post. To add it to your template, simply type it in the boxes under the Fill panel.

3. Add more 4th of July clipart.


If you want more fancy visuals, go to the Graphics panel. Search for clipart that relates to 4th of July on the search bar such as fireworks.

4. Add 4th of July photos.


Instagram is all about showing off amazing photos. So if you want to add 4th of July photos to your template, just go to the Photos panel. Search for them either on the Pixabay or Unsplash search bar. Once you’ve chosen a photo, click and drag it to your template.

5. Save your Instagram 4th of July post.


If you already like what you’re using, click the three-dotted icon on the upper right corner and click Save. Keep your finished 4th of July post and be ready to upload it to Instagram on the 4th of July.


1. Select a 4th of July LinkedIn Post Template.


Have a look at our 4th of July LinkedIn post templates. Explore and click on the template that catches your eye. Start editing it for free with our Editor tool.

2. Go to Fill Text to write your 4th of July message.


Head to the Fill panel and type your 4th of July message inside the Fill Text boxes. Make it short, simple, and meaningful.

3. Add a custom background color.


You can change the background color if you want. Go to the Background panel, go to Colors, and choose a color you like. We advise that you use colors that are in line with the 4th of July theme.

4. Attach your company logo.


You can attach your company logo to the post. Head to the Logo panel to upload an image file of your company logo. After uploading, you can place it anywhere in the template along with the text of your company name.

5. Save your 4th of July LinkedIn post and upload it.


Click the three-dotted icon in the upper right corner once you’re done. Select save to keep your 4th of July template and upload it to LinkedIn on the day of the occasion.

4th of July vs. Independence Day

4th of July is an annual federal holiday in the US that commemorates the Americans’ Day of Independence.

Independence Day is simply the alternative name for the 4th of July holiday celebrating the US’s liberty and freedom.

4th of July Ideas & Examples

As 4th of July is nearing, you can start making plans on how to celebrate it as early as today. So when the day comes, you’re ready for the grand celebration. Check out our list of fun and festive 4th of July ideas and examples.

4th of July Ideas

Here are some interesting activities you can do to have a memorable 4th of July celebration with your friends, family, and local community:

  • Organize a backyard BBQ or cookout party with your neighbors.
  • Bake a cake and other sweet treats with a 4th of July theme.
  • Put some 4th of July-themed decorations around your house.
  • Have a family reunion with your parents, siblings, grandparents, and relatives.
  • Go camping or hiking in a national park.
  • Play board games with your family.
  • Craft DIY miniature US flags.
  • Go shopping and take advantage of 4th of July sales and discount promos.
  • Go on a beach resort vacation.
  • See and enjoy the 4th of July fireworks at night.
  • Go to venues holding music festivals and concerts.
  • Join in 4th of July parades.
  • Visit a museum or a national monument.
  • Binge-watch movies and TV shows with themes of American patriotism.
  • Watch a basketball or baseball game with your father.

4th of July Examples

Here we have multiple examples of 4th of July graphic designs for posters, flyers, quotes, cards, and social media posts. Check them out below.

1. 4th of July Poster


2. 4th of July Celebration Flyer


3. Happy 4th of July Flyer


4. 4th of July Ad Flyer


5. 4th of July Quote


6. 4th of July Quote Flyer


7. Vintage 4th of July Card


8. Funny 4th of July Card


9. 4th of July Facebook Event Cover


10. 4th of July Sale Instagram Story



Why do we celebrate 4th of July?

We celebrate 4th of July to celebrate the ratification of the Day of Independence on July 4, 1776.

What do fireworks symbolize on 4th of July?

Fireworks symbolize prosperity and patriotism; and also, seeing fireworks display is a long-time 4th of July tradition.

What is the flower for the 4th of July?

Edelweiss is the flower of 4th of July because it’s a symbol of courage and strength and it has the colors of the American flag.

What are some 4th of July traditions?

Among the 4th of July traditions are fireworks, parades, BBQ parties, and family picnics.

When did Red, White, and Blue Day start?

It started on June 14, 1949.

What to the slaves is the 4th of July?

To many African-Americans who were former slaves, 4th of July isn’t their Independence Day because during the time it was declared, slavery still existed.

What do you say on the 4th of July?

You can simply say “Happy 4th of July” on 4th of July.

What symbol represents 4th of July?

The symbol that represents 4th of July is the famous Statue of Liberty.

How do you explain 4th of July to children?

You can tell them that the 4th of July is a celebration of the day (July 4, 1776) the US became a free, independent country.

What actually happened on July 4th?

On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence which freed the US from Great Britain.

Why is the 4th of July red, white, and blue?

4th of July has a theme of red, white, and blue because those are the colors of the American flag.

Why does the flag have 13 stripes?

The 13 stripes of the American flag represent the 13 original colonies.

The 4th of July commemorates which document?

The document 4th of July commemorates is the Declaration of Independence.

How is 4th of July celebrated?

Americans typically celebrate the 4th of July by having parades, concerts, backyard parties, picnics, outdoor activities, and BBQ cookouts.

Where was the first celebration of Independence held?

The first celebration of Independence was held in Philadelphia on July 4, 1777.