Canada Day

Canada Day is upon us again and Canadians are excited about the event. It’s a significant celebration in Canadian history and is worth discussing since it’s fast approaching. So without further ado, let’s talk about Canada Day. canada-day

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Canada Day Definition & Meaning

Canada Day is a statutory federal holiday in Canada which commemorates the Constitution Act anniversary.

Canada Day, formerly known as Dominion Day, is an important Canadian holiday that celebrates the merging of the colonies New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and United Canadas into one nation.

When Is Canada Day?

Canada Day is celebrated by Canadians on the same date every year which is July 1. In 2022, the holiday will be on July 1, 2022, which fortunately falls on a Friday, so it’ll be a long weekend for the Canadians. The reason why Canada Day is observed every July 1 is that it was on July 1, 1867 that the three Canadian colonies merged into one nation under the British North America Act.

Canada Day Purpose, Importance

Canada Day is such an important day for the nation of Canada similar to how important the 4th of July is for the Americans. Without it, their nation wouldn’t be what it is today. With that said, let’s discuss the purpose and importance of Canada Day.

Celebrate the Birth of Canada as One Nation

Many consider Canada Day as the birthday of Canada since it marks the day the country became one nation. Canadians genuinely love and express patriotic acts towards their country. In that case, celebrating its birthday is something they’ll prepare for every year wholeheartedly.

Commemorate the Rich History of Canada

Like many other countries, Canada also has a rich history, and Canada Day is a great opportunity to commemorate it. Canadians not only show appreciation for their history and culture. They also share knowledge about them with other people, that includes immigrants and tourists. Indeed a festive day.

What’s In Canada Day?

On Canada Day, the city streets and parks of Canada will be jampacked with parades, festivals, fairs, and carnivals. Concerts will also be held and beautiful fireworks displays will be booming at night. Many people will be wearing red and white, donning top hats with the colors of the Canadian flag and the iconic maple leaf symbol.

How to Create a Canada Day Social Media Post

Take advantage of social media to showcase your Canadian patriotism on Canada Day. With our easy guides below, you’ll be able to craft professional quality Canada Day social media posts that are worth sharing with your friends and followers.


1. Select a Canada Day Facebook Post Template.


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4. Add images of Canada Day.


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5. Save your Canada Day Facebook post.


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1. Use our Canada Day Twitter Post Template.


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5. Save your Canada Day Twitter post.


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1. Choose a Canada Day Instagram Post Template.


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5. Save your Canada Day Instagram post.


Once you’re done, save your Canada Day Instagram post. Select Save which you can find by clicking the three-dotted icon in the upper right. Save your finished post for now and wait until July 1 to upload it to Instagram.

Canada Day vs. Victoria Day

Canada Day is an important Canadian holiday that celebrates the annual anniversary of the Constitution Act that gave birth to Canada as one nation.

Victoria Day is a Canadian federal public holiday that celebrates the birthday of Queen Victoria, the ruling monarch when Canada became one nation in the year 1867.

Canada Day Ideas & Examples

Don’t have any ideas on what to do and what to create on Canada Day? Don’t worry; we got your back. We’ll show you our list of the best Canada Day ideas and examples.

Canada Day Ideas

Here are some fun activities you can do to celebrate Canada Day:

  • Explore and try new food recipes befitting of Canada Day celebrations.
  • Host a BBQ party in your backyard.
  • Hang or attach Canada Day-themed decorations around your house.
  • Bake Canada Day-themed cakes and treats for kids.
  • Go on a picnic with your family.
  • Create or share wholesome and funny Canada Day memes on social media.
  • Go to Canada Day concerts with friends.
  • Visit Canadian cultural and history museums.
  • Watch grand fireworks displays on the night of Canada Day.
  • Wear shirts and hats with Canada Day colors.

Canada Day Examples

Check out our list of Canada Day examples and use their designs as inspirations to create your own Canada Day posters, flyers, and clipart.

1. Canada Day Event Poster


2. Happy Canada Day Flyer


3. Canada Day Sale Flyer


4. Canada Day Quote Flyer


5. Canada Day Invitation Flyer


6. Canada Day Celebration Flyer


7. Canada Day Moose Clipart


8. Cartoon Canada Day Clipart


9. Canada Day Flag Clipart


10. Canada Day Maple Leaf Clipart



Why is Canada Day celebrated?

Canada Day is celebrated to commemorate the Constitution Act of 1867 that made Canada into a single nation instead of being divided into different colonies.

Why is it called Canada Day?

It was originally called Dominion Day but was changed to Canada Day in acknowledgment of Canada being a fully independent nation in 1982.

What was Canada called before colonization?

Canada was formerly known as the North-Western Territory.

When did we start celebrating Canada Day?

Canada Day has been celebrated yearly since July 1, 1867.

When did Canada ban slavery?

Canada banned slavery in 1834 under the British Empire.

What happens in Canada Day?

On Canada Day, a lot of parades and other festivities will be taking place across Canada to celebrate the holiday and express patriotism.

When did Canada Day become a holiday?

Canada Day was declared a holiday on October 27, 1982.

Why did Dominion Day change to Canada Day?

It was changed to Canada Day in celebration and acknowledgment of Canada becoming an independent country.

Why do we wear orange on Canada Day?

Some Canadians wear orange on Canada Day in participation in Orange Day events that promote awareness about Canada’s residential school system history and legacies.

Why are Canada’s colors red and white?

Canada’s colors are red and white because those are the colors of the country’s flag as mandated in 1921 by King George V of Britain.

What does the maple leaf in Canada symbolize?

The maple leaf of Canada symbolizes peace, tolerance, and unity.

What is the message of Canada Day?

The message of Canada Day is to love your country, break barriers, and embrace unity.

Is Victoria Day a statutory holiday?

Yes, Victoria Day is a statutory holiday since 1845.

Why do we celebrate Victoria Day?

We celebrate Victoria Day because it’s the birthday of Queen Victoria who was the monarch the year Canada became a single, united country.