Christmas Day

Christmas Day is one of the most recognized holidays and seasons worldwide, wherein many sectors celebrate the day with their religious practices with their family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Christmas is a day is a special event for the Catholic religion to celebrate the gift of the family—a time when religious people go to church and pray for their intentions and wishes. christmas-day

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Christmas Day Definition & Meaning

Christmas is an annual day when Catholics celebrate and commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ through a religious and cultural celebration with billions of people worldwide.

Many people consider and recognize Christmas as one of the most festive celebrations in the world, making it also a commercial phenomenon for different countries.

When is Christmas Day?

For Catholics celebrating the annual holiday, Christmas Day always falls on the 25th of December, symbolizing the birth of Jesus in Jerusalem. Christmas Day celebrations for Catholics follow the Gregorian calendar, and it is also known as a secular family holiday for Catholics and non-Catholics, representing a joyous celebration.

Christmas Day History

In the earliest years of Christianity, Easter was the principal holiday that people celebrated, and with the origins of the Bible not specifying a date for Christ’s birth, Pope Pius I chose December 25 as the celebration date. Aside from this, early Europeans already celebrate the winter solstice to celebrate light and birth in the darkest days, while Scandinavia celebrates Yule from December 21st through January. The Romans also celebrate the birth of Mithra, the sun god, on December 25th and consider it the most sacred day of the year.

Christmas Day Purpose, Importance

Christmas Day is one of the biggest holiday celebrations in the world, making it a significant day for solemn worship and remembrance. Many Catholics and Christians celebrate the holiday theologically and liturgically by celebrating with family and going to mass. Families and loved ones spend the day doing activities together on Christmas Day.

Fulfillment of God’s Promise

In the Old Testament, God promised Abraham through a covenant to make Abraham’s name great. The fulfillment of this promise is through Jesus Christ. Jesus is a descendant of Abraham, fulfilling the promise of blessing Jews or Gentiles.

Showcase Generosity

The Christmas season is the season of giving, and exchanging gifts and presents has been a big part of the celebration. People donate and give generously to less fortunate people at this time of year. It also encourages groups to set up a tradition of serving others during Christmas Day.

Stresses the Significance of Tradition

Many Catholics and Christians remember to fulfill their duties to the Church and one another. These traditions include going to Mass to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Other traditions include giving gifts, setting up lights, and building the Christmas tree with the family.

What’s On A Christmas Day?

Many homes set up Christmas trees and decorations, weeks before Christmas Day, with workplaces and households holding Christmas parties, dinner table events, and buffet feasts. On Christmas Day, families and loved ones share hefty meals, exchange presents, and decorate homes with festive wallpaper and knick-knacks, with one family member dressing up as Santa Claus to entertain the kids. For many Catholic families, celebrating Christmas Day is incomplete without going to a Holy Mass to celebrate the birth of their Savior, Jesus Christ, celebrating His birthday in a solemn event.

How to Create a Christmas Day Social Media Post

Christmas is a time for celebrations in different cultures and traditions, making it a holiday that almost every person celebrates regardless of their stature and sector. Since there are festivities and celebrations, businesses can take advantage of wishing their loyal customers the best for the coming season through social media greetings. Craft a social media post to dedicate a heartfelt and heart-warming greeting to different audiences.


1. Select a Christmas Facebook post template.

select-a-christmas-facebook-post-template provides users with multiple editable templates they can download on third-party software or using the website’s editor tool for user convenience. To access the editing tool, select the template you want and select Edit This Template FREE button from the product page. The user can then access’s editor tool in a new tab.

2. Incorporate a catchy or funny quote.


Generate catchy or funny quotes to make the Facebook post more festive. Indicate the correct details into the selected template by editing the text box. Access the text editor tool by clicking on the Fill icon on the left toolbar of the editor window to edit the entry.

3. Add festive and transparent designs.


Craft a Facebook template and add ClipArt designs and symbols into the picture to make it festive. Access the Graphics tool by clicking the Graphics icon on the left toolbar. Select the emblem or logo to integrate it into the post.

4. Modify the background color.


To change the post’s background color, click the Background button on the toolbar. Pick the color you want from the available presets or the color picker tool. If you want a photo or video for the background, the editor tool also provides stock videos and photos for use.

5. Save the Facebook post, and upload it.


Save the graphic by clicking on the ellipsis button in the upper right portion of the editor window. Click the Save button to save changes to the edited template. Make sure to sign in to your account to download the graphic.


1. Select a Christmas Instagram post template.


Select an Instagram post template for Christmas from a variety of Christmas Day templates from Access the editor tool by selecting the desired template and navigating to the Edit This Template FREE button. A new tab opens, and the user can edit the template using the editor tool.

2. Add a relatable quote for the post.


Different individuals and organizations must make their greetings memorable to the recipient. Indicate relatable quotes or sayings from well-known individuals or song lyrics to the Instagram template. Click the Fill button on the toolbar and edit the text fillers from the template.

3. Use a different photo background.


Users can also change the set background photo of the template. Access the Background button, select the Photo option, and type Christmas on the search bar to view the stock photos. Ensure that the backdrop’s colors do not clash with other elements in the template.

4. Decorate using festive symbols.


Users can also incorporate different shapes, graphics, and other images into the template. Select the Graphics button, and browse through multiple layouts, logos, and clipart designs. Click on the graphic to apply it to the template, dragging it over the space you want it to appear.

5. Save the Instagram post, then upload it.


After editing the template, the user can save their work. Save the design by clicking the ellipsis button on the top right portion of the window. Select the Save button from the dropdown, and download the edited template.


1. Select a Christmas WhatsApp post template.


Search for Christmas WhatsApp post templates from The website allows users to edit desired templates using the editor tool. Users can access the editor by clicking the Edit This Template FREE button from a new window after selecting the template.

2. Generate a Christmas greeting.


Make the WhatsApp post more personal and engaging by adding a unique Christmas greeting. Click on the Fill button on the toolbar, and highlight the text to edit. Ensure that the text you input is readable, changing the font style and size from the text toolbar above.

3. Incorporate festive ClipArt drawings.


Incorporate festive design elements like icons, wallpapers, logos, and symbols into the template. Navigate to the Graphics button, and type on the search bar to look for specific designs. Select the layout you want, and add it to the post.

4. Choose a bright background color.


You can also change the background color for the selected template. To do this, select the Background button on the left panel of the editor window. Select the Color option and pick the new background to complement the elements in the design.

5. Save the WhatsApp post, then upload it.


After making the changes to the template, you can save the new design. Click on the ellipsis button in the upper portion of the Editor tool, and select Save. The user must log in to their account to save the edited template.

Christmas Day Facts

Christmas Day is a worldwide holiday celebration by many people from different countries and religions, with children and adults enjoying the various festivities. Here are additional facts to add to your list about Christmas:

  • The idea of Santa Claus came from St. Nicholas, and despite being depicted as a jolly man with a white beard and red suit, St. Nicholas was a simple man who rescued women from servitude.
  • The Dutch started the tradition of leaving milk and cookies for Santa, following the Dutch children in leaving food and drink for St. Nicholas every December 6th.
  • Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, is a marketing ploy in 1939 to create a story that the Montgomery Ward department store uses to promote the store to children.
  • Christmas wreaths are religious symbols to symbolize Christ.
  • Jingle Bells is one of the most popular Christmas songs, written by James Lord Pierpont with the title of One Horse Open Sleigh in the mid-19th century.
  • Silent Night is the most recorded Christmas song, with more than 733 copyrighted versions.
  • The popular kissing under the mistletoe tradition has Norse roots, following Frigg, the goddess of love, kissing anyone under the plant after it saves her son’s life.
  • Eggnog is a descendant of the British drink posset coming from Jamestown settlers.
  • The world’s tallest Christmas tree measures 221 feet, decorated and displayed at a Seattle shopping mall in 1950, holding the record in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Jingle Bells is also the first Christmas song to be played in space during NASA’s Gemini space flight on December 16, 1965.

Christmas Day vs. Black Friday

Christmas Day is an annual holiday every December 25th to celebrate the birth of Jesus, making it a secular holiday for Catholics and Christians.

Black Friday is a sales event on the Friday after Thanksgiving, falling between November 23 to 29, marking the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season.

Christmas Day Ideas & Examples

Make the best out of Christmas Day with various activities and events that people celebrate with loved ones while keeping the day solemn to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Plan fun exercises for all ages and make the day as memorable as possible, similar to other cultural celebrations like Easter.

Christmas Day Ideas

Make the most of the holiday season and Christmas day by celebrating the festivities with loved ones, making it a memorable experience each year for the kids, the couple, and the entire family, and below we have a list of Christmas Day ideas and activities for all ages:

  • Visiting a Christmas tree farm and having Christmas card portrait photos are fun activities.
  • Create beautiful gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies to give out during a Christmas Day game night.
  • Children can have a Christmas craft party, paint and draw cards, and write heart-warming messages to their families and friends.
  • Groups can also have a movie night by watching full HD holiday movies and animated movies.
  • Eggnogs are a staple for any holiday and Christmas event, and hosting one with friends is a great way to pass the time.
  • Families can enjoy fun activities, including ice skating, sledding, and building a snowman on Christmas Day.
  • Check out Christmas performances like The Nutcracker or The Christmas Carol.
  • Families and friends can also sing songs and Christmas carols.
  • Perform acts of service by donating books, clothes, and toys to inspire volunteerism.
  • Friends and families can also wear matching Christmas sweaters to keep warm during the chilly climate.

Christmas Day Examples

Christmas Day is all about happy celebrations and being with family members for the holiday season, giving out memorable gifts before reunion schedules. Businesses also take advantage of the season by handing out marketing materials to invite families to have meals or selling gift vouchers, similar to the examples below.

1. Christmas Holiday Greeting Card


2. Christmas Party Invitation


3. Christmas Flyer


4. Elegant Christmas Gift Certificate


5. Creative Christmas Menu


6. Christmas Tree Printable Coloring Page


7. Merry Christmas Poster


8. Modern Christmas Gift Voucher


9. Animated Christmas Instagram Story


10. Merry Christmas YouTube Banner



Why is Christmas Day celebrated?

Christians celebrate Christmas day to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Who started Christmas?

The first record of a Christmas celebration dates back to the Roman Empire in 336 under Roman Emperor Constantine.

Why do we have a Christmas tree?

Evergreens, in the form of Christmas trees, have been believed to keep away ghosts and evil spirits.

What is the value of Christmas?

For many Catholics and Christians, Christmas symbolizes hope and love.

Why is Christmas pagan?

Christmas day is not pagan; instead, it is a reminder of the birth of Jesus and the celebration of love and new hope.

Who started the idea of Christmas?

The idea of Christmas started during the time of the Christian emperor, Constantine.

What is the main message of Christmas?

The central message of Christmas, most especially for Catholics and Christians, is that God’s purpose always reaps love, hope, light, and life.

What is the significance of Christmas?

Christmas is a way for Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

How do we celebrate Christmas?

Different families have different traditions of celebrating Christmas, including going to Holy Mass, setting up Christmas trees, or watching holiday movies.

Why did Christmas start?

Emperor Constantine of the Roman Empire started Christmas to weaken pagan traditions.

What is the theme of Christmas?

The theme of every Christmas is love and hope.

Why does Christmas bring people together?

Christmas brings the family closer by keeping family traditions together.