Black Friday

Black Friday has always been a popular day for many individuals, especially avid shoppers wanting to score the best deals from online or physical stores. More than waiting in line at shopping malls and stores like Target with huge crowds, staying up late, or waking up early to catch the best deals from online stores like Amazon, Black Friday sales are about being patient and up to the challenge. black-friday

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Black Friday Definition & Meaning

Black Friday is the biggest retail sale day event in the United States, one of the busiest shopping days due to the discounts and sales on the day after Thanksgiving.

As such, numerous individuals refer to Black Friday as the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season in the United States.

When is Black Friday?

The Black Friday event in the United States always falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, considered to be one of the principal shopping days in the year, falling between the week of November 23 to 29. Despite not being considered a national and official US holiday, many employees (not in retail services) usually have days off during Black Friday to participate in the event.

Black Friday History

The history of Black Friday dates back decades ago, during the early 1960s, originating in Philadelphia, wherein the police lamented the congested streets with individuals heading to the Army-Navy football game while trying to look for good deals after Thanksgiving. People were shoplifting, taking advantage of the chaos to make off with the store merchandise. The biggest department stores and shops tried to steer away from the negative connotation of the term Black Friday by calling it Big Friday; however, the rebranding never stuck with the public.

Black Friday Purpose, Importance

Black Friday is a significant day to make the most out of one of the busiest shopping days of the year in converting sales for the retail industry. It is the time of year when brands and retailers offer discounts on a range of products to gain additional sales. Retailers must take the time to set up their marketing strategies for the event to strengthen their conversion rates in terms of sales and consumers.

Increase in Sales and Traffic

When consumers are looking at deals, they are more likely to shop for Christmas, and retailers focus on the increase in sales and traffic for a short period. During this time, brands and retailers capitalize on demands, bringing extra traffic to their websites and stores. It is also one of the best days for eCommerce sales, together with Cyber Monday.

Clear Stocks Before the Christmas Season

Retailers and brands use Black Friday sales to their advantage and clear out their inventories to make room for new stocks in time for Christmas. It applies to different retailing sectors, including fashion and electronics. It is also during this time that consumers can buy the cheapest electronics.

Customer Acquisition

The process of customer acquisition is time-consuming and expensive, and Black Friday allows brands to get new customers during a key period. Acquiring customers during Black Friday and keeping their satisfaction qualifies the brand to have repetitive sales following the Christmas season. It makes it easier to justify discounts for the Black Friday sale event and full prices later on.

What’s In A Black Friday?

Black Friday is the time of the year when retail businesses like shopping malls and stores expect an influx of shoppers ready for their Christmas shopping plan before the weekend aftermath of the Thanksgiving leftovers are through. It is the time of year when shoppers take advantage of numerous deals and offers from different vendors and brands for products like game consoles like PS4, clothing trends of t-shirts, dresses, pants, etc. Before the Black Friday sale event, many retailers put up banner advertisements for offers on various items, including refrigerators, desktops, and furniture.

How to Create a Black Friday Social Media Post

People celebrate Black Friday in a more systematic routine as time progresses, with more and more shoppers taking advantage of online store sales, and some still go to their favorite shopping malls, centers, and stores to score the best deals. Whether shoppers prefer online or traditional shopping during the Black Friday event, it is necessary to create and design marketing materials to entice them with different bargains and offers just in time for the big event. Craft various graphic design posts that the brand can use in promoting on-sale products and items for Black Friday using different social media templates for diverse platforms.


1. Select a Black Friday Facebook post template.

select-a-black-friday-facebook-post-template is an online website providing users with multiple editable templates through download or using the website’s editor tool for user convenience. To access the editing tool, click the template you want to use and select Edit This Template FREE button from the pop-up window. The user can then access the editor tool in a new tab.

2. Add a catchy slogan.


Generate catchy slogans or quotes to make the Facebook post stand out. Indicate the correct information into the selected template by editing the dummy text area. Access the text editor tool by clicking on the Fill icon on the left toolbar of the editor window and customizing the entry.

3. Add relevant and transparent designs.


Develop a Facebook template and incorporate multiple ClipArt designs and symbols into the illustration to make it distinctive. Access the Graphics tool by clicking the Graphics icon on the left toolbar of the editor screen. Select the character or logo to integrate it into the post.

4. Adjust the background color.


To change the background color of the graphic template, select the Background button on the toolbar. Choose the color you want from the available presets or the color picker tool. If you want a photo or video for the background, the editor tool provides stock videos and photos for use.

5. Download, then upload it to Facebook.


Save the graphic by clicking on the Download button in the upper right portion of the editor window. Click on the Download button to save the changes to the template. Make sure to sign in to your account to download the graphic and upload it to the brand’s Facebook page.


1. Select a Black Friday Instagram post template.


Select an Instagram post template for the Black Friday event from a wide variety of templates from Access the editor tool by clicking on the desired template and navigating to the Edit This Template FREE button. A new tab opens up, and the user can edit the template through the editor tool.

2. Add a discount offer.


Different brands offer varying discount deals depending on the marketing strategy they want to observe. Develop a good bargain for the brand and shoppers looking forward to the Black Friday event. Click on the Fill button on the toolbar of the web editor and edit the text fillers.

3. Decorate using different shapes.


Users can also incorporate different shape graphics and other images into the template. Select the Graphics button, and choose from multiple layouts, logos, and clipart available. Click on the illustration to apply it to the template, dragging it over the space you want and adding as much as you want.

4. Use a different color background.


Users can also change the background color into a new shade or color. Access the Background button, select from the available choices, and choose the Color option to pick from the available preset colors. Ensure that the colors do not clash with any other element or wallpaper in the template.

5. Download the template, then upload it to Instagram.


After editing the template, the user can save their work. To save the design, click the Download button on the top right portion of the window. Select the Download button from the dropdown menu, and download the edited work.


1. Select a Black Friday LinkedIn post template.


Search for the Black Friday LinkedIn post templates from The website enables users to edit their desired template using the free editor tool. Users can access the editor by clicking the Edit This Template FREE button from a new window after clicking on the chosen template.

2. Identify the sale dates.


Black Friday dates vary annually, and brands and stores must be vigilant on the date they indicate on their posts. Click on the Fill button on the toolbar, and highlight the text to edit. The date must be accurate to ensure that the public knows when the Black Friday sale date is for them to prepare appropriately.

3. Incorporate graphics into the template.


Incorporate graphic design elements like icons, wallpapers, logos, and symbols into the template. Navigate to the Graphics button, and type on the search bar to look at specific characters or graphics. Select the design you want, and add it to the post.

4. Select a new background color.


Users can also change the background color for the selected template. To do this, select the Background button on the left panel of the editor window. Choose the Color option and pick the new background appearance, complementing the elements in the design.

5. Download the new design, then upload it on LinkedIn.


After making the necessary changes to the template, users can save the new design. Click on the Download button in the upper portion of the Editor tool, and select Save. You must log in to your account to save the edited template, then post it to the LinkedIn page.

Black Friday Facts

Despite not being an official holiday in the United States, Black Friday is one of the most notable events in the country, and as such, there are a lot of fun facts surrounding the annual event, including:

  • Black Friday sales attract more individuals than Disneyland.
  • There is a possibility that more people become susceptible to injuries while shopping than shark attacks due to stampedes and violent shoppers.
  • Black Friday is not just on Fridays anymore as it extends to the weekend, towards Cyber Monday.
  • Shoppers can take advantage of the Black Friday event in the comfort of their homes through online purchases, with Americans spending over a billion dollars in online sales.
  • Amazon aggressively competes with other retailers by offering sales deals a week ahead of Black Friday.
  • Not all stores offer deals on Black Friday, and some even close for the event.
  • Some deals that retailers and brands offer their consumers are not deals, with some becoming more expensive.
  • Black Friday has the best deals for jewelry, and electronics, including TVs, tablets, and appliances.
  • Black Friday has become a global event, with different countries having their versions of the sales event after Thanksgiving.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Black Friday is not the biggest shopping event of the year; instead, it is the Saturday before Christmas.

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

Black Friday is an annual sales event in the United States focusing on shopping malls, retail shops, and online stores, which is also one of the busiest holiday shopping days.

Cyber Monday is a sales event following Black Friday, focusing on online sales, with more individuals spending more money when compared to Black Friday.

Black Friday Ideas & Examples

Businesses can get the best out of Black Friday events by utilizing online and offline channels to boost sales through promotional strategies and bonus deals. Make sure to plan for the Black Friday sale for at least a month to prepare all necessary materials and techniques to gain public interest for a successful event.

Black Friday Ideas

At a time when many retailers and brands target their consumers and customers through online stores, many organizations must target both online and offline setups to make the best out of the Black Friday event, and the section below consists of diverse ideas for retailers during one the busiest seasons of the year:

  • Businesses can provide customers with varying hourly deals for their websites and stores, listing items on sale for each active hour.
  • Develop a gift guide that allows customers to find a specific store during the holidays, highlighting the products and deals when shopping for gifts.
  • Retailers can also add free items to people buying over Black Friday sales.
  • Businesses can also extend their Black Friday sale over the weekend to Cyber Monday.
  • Use an email marketing list to send ads and promote the sales channel to loyal customers.
  • Use text message marketing to support email blasts and improve customer experience.
  • Give audiences a sneak peek at the Black Friday sales deals using the brand’s social media channels.
  • Utilize hashtags to promote Black Friday deals and promos for customers looking to buy specific items.
  • Increase a business’ ad spend by starting a few days before Black Friday to maximize and optimize sales conversions.
  • Develop promotional content calendars to plan sales and marketing strategies.
  • Use direct mail to send out coupon codes to your mailing list.
  • Craft printable gift cards for the holiday season.

Black Friday Examples

Organizations prepare for their Black Friday sale event days before the set date to prepare enough supplies and retail workers for the sudden influx of shopping customers. As such, many retailers and brands promote the event through different means, including print media and social media posts, similar to our example materials below.

1. Black Friday Promotional Poster


2. Black Friday Ad


3. Black Friday Greeting Card


4. Black Friday Shopping Party Invitation


5. Black Friday Flyer


6. Black Friday Voucher


7. Black Friday Brochure


8. Black Friday Gift Card


9. Black Friday Sale Tag


10. Black Friday Sale Twitter Post



Who started Black Friday?

It was the people from Philadelphia during the Army-Navy football game.

Why do we have black Friday sales?

To allow retailers and brands to clear their products and bring new ones in time for the Christmas season.

What happens on Black Friday?

Stores offer high discounts and numerous sales, opening early until late.

What are the rules of Black Friday?

Always partner up during Black Friday sales, do not purchase non-advertised items, and always plan.

What are the dangers of Black Friday?

There are chances of theft, injuries, and even car accidents due to people rushing to get their items.

How does Black Friday help stores?

Stores have the opportunity to gain new customers and create a comfortable shopping experience to have repeat customers.

Why do retailers participate in Black Friday?

Retailers participate in Black Friday sales to prevent over-stocking their inventories and make room for seasonal items.

Will things get cheaper on Black Friday?

Black Friday deals have cheaper prices if a customer wants to buy fashion items and electronics.

Does Black Friday apply to online shopping?

Yes, there are online stores that participate in Black Friday sales.

Why is Black Friday called black?

Black Friday is called such and traces the color black from its origins to convey disaster or misfortune.

How long does Black Friday last?

Black Friday lasts for the entire day.

Why is Black Friday Important?

Black Friday is significant for retailers to gain new customers and make room for new items.

What country does not participate in Black Friday?

Countries including North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, and Afghanistan do not celebrate Black Friday.

Why is Black Friday before Cyber Monday?

Black Friday comes first, and Cyber Monday is the day following the weekend.

Is Cyber Monday deals the same as Black Friday?

Cyber Monday deals focus on smaller electronics and appliances, while Black Friday focuses on more recognizable brands and tickets.