International Dance Day

International Dance Day is a holiday that celebrates everything dance. From classic Waltz to modern jazz to hip-hop and street dance, many people consider dance not just a hobby or pastime but an integral part of their lifestyle. international-dance-day-1

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International Dance Day Definition & Meaning

International Dance Day is a holiday that recognizes and celebrates the art of dance. 

International Dance Day is not just for professional dancers or people involved in the dance industry, but anyone who is looking to gain a better understanding and appreciation of dance as an art form can participate in International Dance Day.

When Is International Dance Day?

International Dance Day is commemorated annually every 29th of April. The Dance Committee of ITI that founded International Dance Day chose the date because it was the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre. Noverre is widely regarded as the founder and creator of modern ballet. As the name suggests, International Dance Day celebrates the diversity of dance styles and cultures and is observed all over the world on April 29.

International Dance Day Purpose and Importance

International Dance Day is a significant day for the dance community. Especially to dancers and those that practice dance as an art, April 29 is not just any regular calendar day. The following reasons describe why the holiday is important and what central purpose International Dance Day serves.

Unite People Through Dance

Dance, just like music, is a universal language. It has the capacity to bring together people of different backgrounds and from all walks of life through a shared love for dance. International Dance Day is a day to celebrate the unity but also the diversity that dance promotes.   

Educate the Public About the Different Forms of Dance

Dance has evolved throughout generations and centuries; and it continues to evolve even to the present day. International Dance Day is a day to bring awareness about the value of dance but also to educate the public about the different kinds of dance. Whether it is classical ballet or an ethnic tribal dance, there is so much to learn about a society’s culture, history and beliefs through dance.  

Promote Self-Expression and Creativity

Dance is an art form; it is one of the most popular forms of performance arts. By using one’s body and rhythm, much can be expressed and conveyed through dance. An individual can develop and cultivate their self-expression, imagination, and creativity through this art form.  

What’s in an International Dance Day?

Many dance companies and organizations celebrate International Dance Day by holding various activities and events. Some groups may even have week-long activities leading up to April 29th then stage a grand culminating on International Dance Day. If you want to take an active part in International Dance Day, most people watch dance performances, attend dance workshops or classes, or even donate to known and legitimate dance organizations or foundations.

How to Create an International Dance Day Social Media Post

You can instantly show your support for International Dance Day by sharing a creative post or inspirational message on your social media page. Choose from the popular social media platforms and learn the steps on how to conveniently craft an International Dance Day post on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.     


1. Choose an International Dance Day Facebook Post Template


Open and with the search bar, simply type in what you are looking for. Once you have selected a Facebook post template, click on it then select the editor button. 

2. Edit the Text or Greeting


Using the editor tool, you can easily edit the text by clicking on the Fill tool located on the sidebar menu. You can also customize the text size, font, or text color by selecting the text and adjusting its format settings.

3. Add Graphics and Other Elements


The editor tool comes with hundreds of elements that you can easily add to your post. Simply browse the wide selection of shapes, stickers, videos, frames and so much more and insert it to your post.

4. Add More Media


It is up to you if you want to add more photos to your post. The editor tool allows you to either upload a photo from your computer or search online images in the Pixabay or Unsplash photo library.

5. Download the Template

As soon as you are done editing your post, you can share or download the template. You can easily download or export the file in your preferred file format as well- PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.


1. Pick a YouTube International Dance Day Post Template


You can select any YouTube International Dance Day post template to work with. Use the search bar located at the top of the screen to look for the right template.   

2. Customize the Title or Text


The next step is to edit the text in the template. Keep your International Dance Day message or greeting brief but sincere; you can even add in a relevant quote!  

3. Insert Graphics or Images

If you wish to decorate your post further, feel free to add graphics and other elements or objects to the template. Whether it is a frame, symbol, sticker or video, you can easily search for the right one using the search bar in the editor tool.   

4. Add Audio Effects


Add sound or audio to your video by clicking Graphics and selecting an audio file. You can also upload your own audio clips to add to your post.  

5. Save the Template


After editing, save your work by hitting the Download button. The template can also be downloaded or exported in a number of file formats such as JPG, PDF, PNG, and GIF.   


 1. Select an International Dance Day Instagram Post Template


Choose from several free and editable International Dance Day Instagram posts. Just go to the search bar and type in what you are looking for.

2. Fill in the Text


Edit and customize the text in the template accordingly. You can also change and modify the template’s text size, font, and color in the editor tool.

3. Add Images

Feel free to add more pictures of ballet and jazz dancers, or anything related to International Dance Days. Search for free pictures using Pixabay and Unsplash or you can also upload your own images. 

4. Add Animation Effects


You can also add special effects to your post. You can do this by clicking on the Animate feature in the editor tool. Choose from numerous animation effects from the selection on the left. 

5. Download the template

When you are done editing the template, you can then download or share it. Click the Download or Share button on the upper right corner of the screen and select a file format of your choice.   

International Dance Day vs. National Walking Day

International Dance Day celebrates dance as an art form and as a cultural tradition and is held every 29th of April on an annual basis.

National Walking Day is celebrated every first Wednesday of April; the aim of National Walking Day is to encourage people to walk and to shed light on the benefits of walking for one’s physical, mental and overall well-being.

International Dance Day Ideas & Examples

Not sure how to participate in International Dance Day? Look no further! Refer to the list of International Dance Day ideas and examples below for inspiration!

International Dance Day Ideas

Here are some activities you can engage in to celebrate International Dance Day:

  • Organize a dance off or dance showdown in your neighborhood, school, or organization.
  • Enroll in a dance class of your choice.
  • Watch a documentary about the evolution of dance and learn about its history and popular culture.
  • Invite a friend to go ballroom dancing with you. 
  • Join a salsa class or a bachata class in your local area.
  • Watch a live performance or a recorded performance of a Russian ballet company. 
  • Have a dance-themed movie marathon with friends or family. 
  • Donate money or volunteer your time and talent to a dance company or foundation of your choice. 
  • Have a dance-themed outreach program by teaching and encouraging residents in a nursing home or orphanage to dance.
  • Instead of a regular exercise routine, switch it up to a choreographed dance routine for a fun sweat session. 

International Dance Day Examples

Here are some examples of  International Dance Day social media posts, posters, wallpapers, and images that you can share online:

1. International Dance Day


2. International Dance Day Wishes


3. International Dance Day Video


4. International Dance Day Vector


5. International Dance Day Poster


6. International Dance Day Instagram Post


7. International Dance Day Celebration


8. International Dance Day Flyer


9. International Dance Day Quote


10. International Dance Day Facebook Post



Why is International Dance Day celebrated?

International Dance Day is celebrated to honor dance as an art form and at the same time, to invite people to participate in the art.

Who created International Dance Day?

International Dance Day was created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute or ITI in 1982.

What is the importance of International Dance Day?

International Dance Day highlights the value and contribution of dance in society and also celebrates the talent of dancers and the various forms of dance.

What do you say on International Dance Day?

The general public can use generic greetings such as Happy International Dance Day; but when wishing a dancer good luck on a performance, the commonly accepted greeting is the metaphoric expression “break a leg”.

What is the symbol of the dance?

Dance is usually symbolized by movement with ballet as the common representation or logo since International Dance Day commemorates Jean-Georges Noverrre, the founder of ballet.

How is International Dance Day celebrated?

International Dance Day is marked by all kinds of programs and activities such as dance performances, dance workshops, and a special speech delivered by an important figure in the dance industry.

What is the theme of International Dance Day?

The theme for the most recent International Dance Day held last April 29, 2022 emphasized the relationship between dance and overall wellness with the slogan “Dance Your Way to Boost Physical and Mental Health”.

Why is dance an art?

Dance is essentially creative expression and is universally considered a type of performance art.

When did International Dance Day start?

It was in 1982 that UNESCO’s main partner for the performing arts, the Dance Committee of International Theatre Institute, founded International Dance Day to be held annually every 29th of April.

What are the traditions of International Dance Day?

The name itself explains the universal tradition of International Dance Day, which is the very act of dancing; and dance-in all its forms and style- is celebrated worldwide by different cultures, ethnicities, and peoples.

What is international dance style?

International dance style is made up of five standard dances namely the Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, and Quickstep.

What are the values of dance?

Dancing can help develop a person’s creativity, coordination, self-expression, and contributes not just to overall physical fitness and even mental and emotional health.

What is the origin of International Dance Day?

The idea of International Dance Day was conceived because of the efforts of the Dance Committee of ITI; April 29th was chosen as the date because it was the day Jean-Georges Noverre, the founder of modern ballet, was born.

What are the elements of the dance?

According to the Kennedy Center, the five elements of dance are body, action, space, time and energy.

What do you do on International Dance Day?

Dance organizations and companies all over the world stage performances to showcase the different styles of dance and also hold dance-related contests and educational activities.

What is International Dance Day for kids?

Kids can participate in different activities to celebrate International Dance Day as well; dance workshops and classroom activities or lessons that highlight the history of dance are just some examples.