Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day serves as a reminder for many individuals to come together and commemorate the life of Martin Luther King Jr., sharing his dreams and becoming an inspiration to many people. Commemorate the life and legacy of a doctor, a baptist minister, a civil rights leader, and the youngest Noble Peace Prize winner of his time. martin-luther-king-day

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Martin Luther King Day Definition & Meaning

Martin Luther King Day is a United States holiday, promoting equal rights for all Americans, regardless of their background.

Martin Luther King Day is an official day of service, celebrating the life and legacy of one of the most recognized civil rights leaders.

When Is Martin Luther King Day?

Martin Luther King Day happens yearly in the United States, every third Monday of the month, falling on January 17th in 2022 and January 16th in the following year. It was during 1983 that the bill signing went through legislation, and it was in 1986 that the very first holiday of Martin Luther King Day celebration.

Martin Luther King Day History

Martin Luther King Day was declared a national holiday in observance of the achievement of the iconic civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. King died in 1968 due to an assassination attack that took his life. Several years after President Ronald Regean signed a bill designating the third Monday in January as a holiday in dedication to King.

Martin Luther King Day Purpose, Importance

Martin Luther King Jr. is an international symbol and icon for many individuals seeking equality worldwide and through generations, and many Americans celebrate the late doctor’s life to stress the significance of Martin Luther King Day.

Celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a man who continually showcased hope and healing during his time advocating in America. The words that the late Nobel Peace Prize winner shows his character and advocacies, and the words that he expresses are not empty prose. His life consists of fighting for freedom and justice for the entirety of Americans, especially people of color, withstanding threats against his life due to standing up for his beliefs.

Fight for Racial Justice and Equality

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is an active advocate of fighting for racial justice and equality, especially for people of color, dreaming of a society where people are color-blind, and standing up for people of every race and ethnicity. His words stress the significance of equal rights for all nationalities without segregation. He fought for the observance of a national holiday instead of a black holiday, which comes as discriminatory.

A Day of Service

Martin Luther King Jr.’s story is of a servant to every other person, advocating for racial justice, economic equality, affordable housing, labor rights, etc., that remains in the hearts and minds of people through generations. Educational institutions, including colleges and history departments, discuss his story and open young minds to the injustices and inequalities the world continually faces. It teaches the new generation to continue fighting for a just and equal society.

What’s in a Martin Luther King Day?

During Martin Luther King Day, people celebrate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, a well-known civil rights advocate and a Baptist minister who advocated for equal civil rights for all people, especially racial segregation in America. Every Martin Luther King Day, many civil rights advocates and government leaders recognize the effort and dedication of the doctor by conducting a march or parade in his honor. During this day, people who cannot join these parades and marches do volunteer work and serve their communities, seeing that it is also considered the national day of service.

How to Create a Martin Luther King Day Social Media Post

There are different ways to show support and appreciation for the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., including creating a social media post to recognize, inform, and invite people to events. People can post a greeting on their pages and accounts or create an animated illustration video to educate more people about his advocacies. As such, generate an easy graphic social media post as a bulletin for your channel.


1. Select a Martin Luther King Day Template for Facebook.

select-a-martin-luther-king-day-template-for-facebook provides users with multiple templates that are editable using the website’s editor tool for the user’s convenience. To access the device, select the template you want to use and click on Edit This Template FREE button. Clicking the button sends the user to a new window, allowing them to customize the template.

2. Incorporate the date of the celebration.


Martin Luther King Day happens every third Monday of January, meaning the date changes often depending on the year. For 2023, the date falls on January 16, and the user must make sure that the dates correspond to the holiday. Access the text editor tool by clicking on the Fill icon on the left toolbar of the editor tool, and customize the text.

3. Add transparent ClipArt designs for customization.


Make the Facebook post unique by incorporating multiple ClipArt designs and symbols into the graphic or illustration. Access the Graphics tool by clicking on the Graphics icon on the toolbar on the left side of the editor screen. Select the clipart or symbol to incorporate into the graphic.

4. Change the background color.


To change the main background color of the Facebook graphic, go to the Background button on the toolbar. Select photos, videos, or colors, depending on how you want to edit the background of the post. Choose the color you want to change to by selecting from the available presets.

5. Download or save the graphic, then upload it to Facebook.


After editing, save the graphic by clicking on the ellipsis button in the upper right corner of the editor window. Click on the Save button to save the changes to the template. Make sure to sign in to your account to download the graphic.


1. Select a Martin Luther King Day Template for Instagram.


Search for an Instagram post template for Martin Luther King Day from the variety of templates from Access the editor tool by double-clicking on the selected template. A new window opens up, and the user can edit the template.

2. Edit the date and location of the event.


As Martin Luther King Day’s date often changes yearly, guarantee that the date corresponds accordingly. Users can use Google to find the exact date to lessen confusion. If the user hosts an event, they can also indicate the location.

3. Change the background photo.


Users can also change the plain color background into a photo or video. Access the Background button, select from the three options, and choose Photos to view available stock images. Once the user selects the photo, adjust the image by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the photo around the area.

4. Incorporate transparent ribbons as designs.


Users can also incorporate ribbons and other images into the template. Select the Graphics button, and choose from many designs and clipart available. Click on the graphic to apply it to the template, dragging it over the space you want.

5. Save and download the graphic, then upload it to Instagram.


After editing the template’s content, the user can save their work. To save, click on the ellipsis button on the top right portion of the window. Click on the Save button to download the edited work.


1. Select a Martin Luther King Day Template for YouTube.


Search for Martin Luther King Day YouTube thumbnails from The website allows users to edit their selected template using the editor tool for free. Access the tool by double-clicking or clicking the Edit This Template FREE button after clicking on the chosen template.

2. Add a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.


Martin Luther King is known for his speeches, and adding a quote helps let audiences know about the video. Click on the Fill button on the toolbar, and highlight the text quote to edit. Make sure that the quote is memorable and readable.

3. Add graphic design elements to the thumbnail.


Incorporate graphic design elements like icons and symbols into the thumbnail. Go to the Graphics button, and select graphics from the available categories. Click on the symbol to add it to the template.

4. Change the photo or portrait.


Users can also change the photo available on the thumbnail. To do this, select the photo, and click on the Replace button on the upper portion of the work area. A pop-up window appears on the left panel, and you can select from different stock photos available.

5. Download and save the thumbnail, then upload it on YouTube.


After making the necessary changes, users can now save the new design. Click on the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner of the Editor tool, and select Save. The user must log in to the accounts to download their templates.

Martin Luther King Day vs. Onam

Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday in the United States memorializing the late Martin Luther King Jr., commemorating his life and work.

Onam is a festival of harvest in Kerala, India, celebrated by the Malayali people to honor King Mahabali’s spirit.

Martin Luther King Day Ideas & Examples

Celebrate Martin Luther King Day in various ways to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. Individuals can now observe the celebration with the help of ideas of different activities to do and by using graphic design ideas and examples for print or social media posts.

Martin Luther King Day Youtube Thumbnail Ideas and Examples

Update Youtube with this Martin Luther King Day Youtube Thumbnail to show your appreciation of the sacrifice Martin Luther King Jr. has done for society.


Martin Luther King Day WhatsApp Image Ideas and Examples

Make use of this beautifully designed Martin Luther King Day Whatsapp Image which you can upload on your WhatsApp and share it with family and friends.


Martin Luther King Day Poster Ideas and Examples

This Martin Luther King Day Poster will make a great decorative piece for an office, store or hallway in order to let others know more about Martin Luther King Jr.


Martin Luther King Instagram Story Ideas and Examples

Upload this Martin Luther King Instagram Story for promotions or let anyone know if there are any events for Martin Luther King Day.


Martin Luther King Day Postcard Ideas and Examples

Send a Martin Luther King Day Postcard to family and friends during Martin Luther King Day to show your appreciation to the civil rights leader.


Martin Luther King Instagram Post Ideas and Examples

This Martin Luther King Instagram Post would make great example if you need to update IG followers of an event or party that would be happening during Martin Luther King Day.


Martin Luther King Day Event Ideas and Examples

Launch  special event and make use of this Martin Luther King Day Event Invitation to invite everyone to commemorate the life of Martin Luther King.


Martin Luther King Day Greeting Card Ideas and Examples

Here’s another beautiful designed Martin Luther King Day Greeting Card that you can send digitally or by local post.


Martin Luther King Facebook Cover Ideas and Examples

Let everyone know your support or promote an event by updating Facebook with this Martin Luther King Facebook Cover idea.


Martin Luther King Day Event Flyer Ideas and Examples

Let everyone know of an upcoming get together or organizational event with this Martin Luther King Day Event Flyer.



Why do we celebrate Martin Luther King Day?

People celebrate Martin Luther King Day to commemorate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., fighting racial discrimination.

Why is MLK day on the 17th of January?

January 17th is the day for celebrating MLK Day in 2022.

Who created MLK Day?

Representative John Conyers proposed to make King’s birthday a federal holiday in 1968.

Which state lost the Super Bowl because of MLK Day?

The State of Arizona lost the Super Bowl.

How do you explain Martin Luther King to a child?

Elders can introduce Martin Luther King to a child by having them watch cartoon videos about King’s life.

What is the significance of Martin Luther King Day?

Martin Luther King Day is a reminder to continue fighting for equality and civil rights

Why did they make Martin Luther King Day?

Martin Luther King Day is a day of reflection and service to remember the principles of equality and nonviolent social change.

How do you honor MLK day?

There are different ways to honor MLK day, and people can watch videos of the late doctor’s speeches or join peaceful parades in parts of the United States.

What did Martin Luther want to change?

Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to change the public’s view of people of color.

Why is MLK Day on a Monday and not his birthday?

The celebration of MLK Day is not on King’s birthday because of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

What actions did Martin Luther King take?

MLK organized and formed multiple marches and protests peacefully to advocate equal rights.

What did MLK do to change the world?

MLK was known for his peaceful acts of campaigns for racial equality and civil rights.

Why did Dr. Martin Luther King change his name?

His father was responsible for the name change of Dr. Martin Luther King after his return from Germany.

What is the main goal of Martin Luther King Day?

The primary goal of Martin Luther King Day is to raise awareness about racial discrimination and civil rights injustices.

Which state does not recognize MLK Day?

As of 2000, every state in America recognizes MLK Day.

What is the message of MLK Day?

The message of MLK Day is to treat each person equally and without prejudice.