National Puzzle Day

National Puzzle Day prompts everyone to play and appreciate the challenging games related to testing one’s knowledge. From a crossword, Sudoku, or word search, to a jigsaw puzzle, ignite the mind for some cognitive exercise on this special holiday, especially as the celebration approaches soon. national-puzzle-day

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National Puzzle Day Definition & Meaning

National Puzzle Day celebrates how important puzzle games are, particularly in terms of developing brain function, problem-solving capabilities, and memory.

National Puzzle Day encourages kids and adults to work on any type of puzzle from as simple as painting a picture out of a few jigsaw pieces down to solving a Rubik’s cube.

When Is National Puzzle Day?

National Puzzle Day is an annual event that occurs every January 29. And in this holiday, people play with their favorite puzzle games, try out new puzzles they haven’t tried yet, and spread the word about National Puzzle Day so more people can participate.

National Puzzle Day History

National Puzzle Day was coined by a puzzle enthusiast named Jodi Jill. And in 2002, she made National Puzzle Day happen thanks to her undying love for playing puzzles. And over the years, the appreciation for puzzles has gone ubiquitous as more puzzle-goers are born every January 29 and as more people are aware that National Puzzle Day is an actual thing.

National Puzzle Day Purpose, Importance

Whether playing puzzles is within your field, hobby, or not at all, be enlighted about the important reasons of how essential this holiday is.

Puzzles as Brain Exercises

Puzzles have different positive ways of affecting cognitive or mental development. Sudoku develops logical thinking, crossword boosts vocabulary skills, Rubik’s cube improves memory, and multiplayer board games even enhance your social skills. Let National Puzzle Day remind you of the many noteworthy effects brought by playing all types of puzzles.

Introduction to Eclectic Puzzle Games

National Puzzle Day teaches us that there are not only one or two puzzle games to solve but so much more. So if you don’t have physical or board games for certain puzzles, you may always opt for any online game or app for download. And National Puzzle Day is a good opportunity to test out any puzzle game you haven’t played until you’ll discover something you might enjoy.

History and Cultural Impact of Puzzles

Every puzzle has a unique history and cultural impact. For example, did you know that the first-ever jigsaw puzzle was made by map expert John Spilsbury way back in the 1760s? Besides playing the puzzles, it helps to dig deep into the histories behind each craft and you may be surprised at some interesting facts, such as how society could miss out on a lot of things without discovering such puzzle games.

What’s in a National Puzzle Day?

During National Puzzle Day, expect people to play puzzles because the main point of the event is to appreciate the legendary puzzle games, especially for people who haven’t played them for so long. This is also the time for people to post about the holiday on social media until more individuals would participate in playing. No matter how you like to celebrate this holiday, don’t forget to insert time for investing into puzzles whether you do it alone or with friends.

How to Create a National Puzzle Day Social Media Post

Now that you have enough knowledge about the meaning, importance, and general facts about National Puzzle Day, it is time to create a buzz about it online. The best way to make people aware that National Puzzle Day is coming up is through a compelling social media post. And these are the only steps you need:


1. Search for a National Puzzle Day Facebook Post template.


Go to and head to the search bar. Look specifically for National Puzzle Day templates and you’ll have a range of options to choose from. Then, click specifically on a National Puzzle Day Facebook post template and visit the Editor tool after.

2. Fill the boxes with your message.


Click “Fill” from the Editor tool. Then, you would see text boxes where you can type anything. Take this space in writing your National Puzzle Day greeting wishes, puzzle game invitation, holiday date, and any other purpose.

3. Access the Graphics button.


Select “Graphics” so you can design your National Puzzle Day Facebook post with astounding images. You may insert puzzle-themed clipart, puzzle game vector graphics, folk art, and even stickers. Then, manipulate the placement and size of each visual element while editing.

4. Add a memorable and visually stunning background.


Your entire post isn’t complete without beautiful background. So click “Background” from the left side and choose a background color. Or, you go for the option of searching a wallpaper or picture so your National Puzzle Day Facebook post template background isn’t of one color only.

5. Arrange the pieces together and save.


Put everything together cohesively from every text, each image, down to the background. Then, you can save your work shortly and it is ready for posting on Facebook. Just click the three dots on the top-right side of the screen and pick “Save” afterward.


1. Select a National Puzzle Day Instagram Post template.


Check out’s library of National Puzzle Day templates. Next, look for a National Puzzle Day template in an Instagram post format. Click it followed by “Edit This Template FREE” to move to the Editor tool shortly.

2. Manipulate the text boxes provided.


Hit “Fill” from the left corner of your screen. Then, select and write a message per text box available. Write about anything such as the holiday title, your national and international greeting, the agenda of National Puzzle Day events, and many more.

3. Insert cool graphics for the post.


Click “Graphics” and aim to beautify your Instagram post with a line, emoticon, sticker, or any object like a disco light that is divided into puzzle pieces for aesthetic purposes. Edit the image size afterward by clicking and dragging the sides. You can also rotate and change the image position by clicking and dragging.

4. Add a logo, table, or background.


Access more of the Editor tool’s features such as coloring the background, using a business brand or academy logo as wallpaper, or inserting a calendar table on the post. Simply click “Logo,” “Background,” “Tables,” and more. But be sure to mind the space of each element you add so that nothing would block an important detail from your post.

5. Save your work and publish it on Instagram.


Finalize your worksheet until it is ready to save. When you’re through, simply click “…” found on the upper right of the Editor tool. Then, click “Save” and you can use the template for publishing on Instagram as the holiday approaches.


1. Pick a National Puzzle Day WhatsApp Post template to customize.


Be sure to visit and look for a National Puzzle Day WhatsApp post template. Click the template and pick “Edit This Template FREE.” Expect to be redirected to the Editor tool where you can freely customize your work and follow the rest of the steps.

2. Write down the necessary text.


Go to “Fill” and you can view the text boxes available for typing. You can replace the stock texts with your message may it be in a poet pattern, CTA, or mostly informational. Just be sure to keep your content brief as there’s no need to write long words that fit several pages into one social media post.

3. Add color to the post with graphics.


Head to “Graphics” and add any object to the template. Choose any image from the Graphics tool such as stickers, shapes, and more. Or, you can type on the search box for what image you want to include and bring it to life into the template.

4. Mind the visuals through your background as well.


Hit “Background” to insert an image as wallpaper. Another option is to simply pick a background color. Nonetheless, make sure the background pops because it affects the overall appearance of your National Puzzle Day WhatsApp post too.

5. Save everything and keep the template.


National Puzzle Day vs. National DJ Day

National Puzzle Day is a holiday to appreciate and engage in every puzzle game due to its value and mental benefits; this specific celebration is observed every January 29.

National DJ Day is a celebration to honor the many disc jockeys or DJs who made us groove to the best music when we need them; this holiday occurs every January 20.

National Puzzle Day Ideas & Examples

National Puzzle Day is an excellent moment to inspire other people into stimulating their brain power through fun puzzles or problem-solving activities. From a flyer, poster, banner, and greeting card, to a social media post, expect a plethora of resources on what you can create to commemorate National Puzzle Day.

National Puzzle Day Flyer Ideas and Examples

Flyers make excellent marketing tools so to help spread the word, this National Puzzle Day Flyer will encourage the public to join the event.


National Puzzle Day Facebook Cover Ideas and Examples

During National Puzzle Day, show your support by updating Facebook with this one-of-a-kind National Puzzle Day Facebook Cover.


National Puzzle Day LinkedIn Post Ideas and Examples

Create National Puzzle Day LinkedIn Post for National Puzzle Day to show your support and appreciation of this event.


National Puzzle Day YouTube Banner Ideas and Examples

Remember to also show your support on YouTube by making use of this National Puzzle Day YouTube Banner for everyone to see.


National Puzzle Day Snapchat Geofilter Ideas and Examples

Join everyone in celebrating National Puzzle Day by updating Snapchat Geofilter and lenses with this colorful National Puzzle Day Snapchat Geofilter template.


National Puzzle Day Instagram Story Ideas and Examples

Let everyone on IG know about National Puzzle Day by uploading this well-crafted National Puzzle Day Instagram Story.



Why is National Puzzle Day celebrated?

National Puzzle Day is celebrated to prove how valuable puzzles are to society, to remind people about the health benefits brought by puzzles, and how enjoyable playing puzzles is too.

What do you do on National Puzzle Day?

On National Puzzle Day, you can expect to play a lot of puzzles while also inviting others to do so.

Who made National Puzzle Day?

Jodi Jill is the founder of National Puzzle Day.

Why is National Puzzle Day on 29th January?

It is the day that Jodi Jill chose for National Puzzle Day in 2002 because of her love for puzzles and to connect with other puzzle enthusiasts.

How do we celebrate National Puzzle Day?

Aside from playing a puzzle, you can enjoy the rest of your holiday by following the National Puzzle Day Ideas enlisted in this article.

What skills do puzzles teach?

Puzzles develop problem-solving skills, planning skills, memory skills, social skills, patience, and overall cognitive skills.

What do you say on National Puzzle Day?

You can greet as simple as “Happy National Puzzle Day” or play with puzzle-driven puns or quotes such as “Every day I’m puzzlin'” or “You are my missing puzzle piece.”

When did the first National Puzzle Day happen?

The first National Puzzle Day happened in 2002.

Who came up with the first puzzle?

It was John Spilsbury with his jigsaw puzzle.

What do you call a person who does jigsaw puzzles?

It would be an enigmatologist, dissectologist, or jigsaw puzzle enthusiast.

What are the rituals of National Puzzle Day?

No serious ritual is needed because it is very simple such as grabbing your best snacks and drinks, inviting your friends, being in a cozy environment for playing puzzles, and playing a puzzle game.

What do puzzles symbolize?

Puzzles symbolize autism awareness, as mandated by the National Autism Society.

What are the values of National Puzzle Day?

It tells us to enjoy, appreciate, and value puzzles because they help us stay smart.

Where did National Puzzle Day originate?

It originated in the US, which is Jodi Jill’s birthplace.