World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is a yearly celebration anticipated by the entire tourism industry. It’s a grand global event where anyone who loves to travel or is involved in the industry is welcome to join in the celebration. world-tourism-day

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World Tourism Day Definition & Meaning

World Tourism Day is a global celebration that promotes awareness of the importance of the tourism sector in international society.

World Tourism Day or WTD is an annual celebration commemorating the adoption of the Statuses of the World Tourism Organization or UNWTO in 1970.

When Is World Tourism Day?

World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on September 27. The date marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Status of the UNWTO in 1970, so it’s a celebration commemorating that milestone in the global tourism industry.

World Tourism Day History

World Tourism Day began in 1980. It was proposed by Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi who is a Nigerian national. Since then, World Tourism Day has been celebrated on September 27 to honor the tourism industry and every organization and individual involved in it.

World Tourism Day Purpose, Importance

If this is your first time hearing about World Tourism Day, you might be asking why it’s such a big deal and what is its significance in the global community. Well, we’re happy to give you the answers to those questions right here.

Celebrate the Establishment of the UNWTO

The adoption of the Statuses of the Organization in 1970 was instrumental to the formation of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The tourism industry celebrates that milestone on World Tourism Day. Without the UNWTO, tourism wouldn’t have been as sustainable as it is today and wouldn’t have paved countless opportunities in the travel, leisure, and hospitality markets.

Spread Awareness of Tourism’s Positive Impact

Over the years and to this day, the tourism sector had positive impacts on the cultural, political, social, and economic aspects of countries around the world. World Tourism Day aims to spread awareness of tourism’s contributions to society as a way to encourage people to engage in tourist activities. The more people are involved in tourism, the more it grows and becomes more sustainable.

Appreciate the People Working in the Tourism Industry

On World Tourism Day, we celebrate the people working in the tourism industry. They deserve appreciation for their tireless work and contributions to fueling the tourism sectors across various localities. These people are travel agency workers, tour guides of attraction sites, hotel employees, airport workers, local souvenir shop owners, and many more.

What’s on World Tourism Day?

Businesses and organizations celebrate World Tourism Day in their own ways. Some travel agencies offer amazing travel packages and hotels offer discounts. Certain ceremonies will also take place honoring the current theme of World Tourism Day and celebrating recent milestones in the tourism sector.

How to Create a World Tourism Day Social Media Post

You can voice out your excitement for World Tourism Day on social media. Spread awareness of this yearly event by creating a World Tourism Day social media post with help from our guides below.


1. Use our World Tourism Day Facebook Post Template.


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5. Save your World Tourism Day Facebook post draft.


So once you’re done, make sure to save your World Tourism Day Facebook post draft. Click the button in the upper right corner and click Save. Keep your post draft for now and don’t forget to upload it to Facebook days prior to September 27.


1. Use our Travel & Tourism Instagram Post Template.


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5. Save your Instagram post draft.


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1. Use our Travel & Tourism Twitter Post Template.


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4. Use a different background color if you want.


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World Tourism Day vs. Indigenous Day

World Tourism Day is observed yearly on September 27 in celebration of the contributions of the tourism industry to the global community.

Indigenous Day is an annual celebration honoring the Native people across the United States as well as their history, culture, and contributions to the nation.

World Tourism Day Ideas & Examples

Everyone is welcome to celebrate World Tourism Day regardless of nationality, religion, or ethnicity. So today, you should start preparing your World Tourism Day celebration plans. We’ll share with your our World Tourism Day ideas and examples to help you.

World Tourism Day Ideas

Here are some activities you can add to your Word Tourism Day to-do list.

  • Sketch beautiful World Tourism Day posters and wallpapers.
  • Create a painting for famous landmarks and tourist spots in your city.
  • Come up with a World Tourism Day slogan for your business.
  • Prepare World Tourism Day greeting cards, brochures, and banners.
  • Capture stunning photos of local attractions.
  • Share images of landmarks and famous places in your community on social media.
  • Explore current trends in the tourism industry online.
  • Visit the nearest museum.
  • Support local businesses in your area such as restaurants, motels, hotels, resorts, and souvenir shops.
  • Go on a beach vacation.
  • Go camping in the nearest national parks.
  • Visit a country that you’ve never visited before.
  • Read about other cultures from other nations.
  • Try applying as a local tour guide in your community.

World Tourism Day Examples

Check out our amazing World Tourism Day templates and examples below. You can download them to create your World Tourism Day marketing material for business.

1. World Tourism Day Roll-Up Banner


2. World Tourism Day Greeting Card


3. World Tourism Day Poster


4. World Tourism Day Flyer


5. World Tourism Day Facebook Post


6. World Tourism Day Web Ads



Why do we celebrate World Tourism Day?

We celebrate World Tourism Day to recognize the contributions of the tourism industry and to honor the people working in it.

When was the first World Tourism Day celebrated?

The first World Tourism Day was celebrated in the year 1980.

Who is the founder of World Tourism Day?

The founder of World Tourism Day is Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi, a native of Nigeria.

What is the theme of World Tourism Day?

The theme of World Tourism Day in 2022 is “Rethinking Tourism.”

In what ways does tourism impact the world?

Tourism mainly impacts the world by creating jobs and business opportunities generated by the interest of people to travel and discover other cultures.

Why is culture important in tourism?

Culture is an important element of tourism; the primary motivation of many people to travel is to discover foreign cultures and experience them in person.

How do we celebrate World Tourism Day?

There are many ways we can celebrate World Tourism Day such as traveling, promoting local attractions, sharing our culture, and supporting local businesses.

What is the color of World Tourism Day and why?

The color of World Tourism Day is blue in honor of Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi as its creator.

What activities can be done on World Tourism Day?

On World Tourism Day, you can visit beaches, visit motels, dine in special cuisine restaurants, explore tourist spots, support local souvenir shops, participate in World Tourism Day ceremonies, and many more.

What is the significance of World Tourism Day?

The significance of World Tourism Day is that it raises awareness of the positive impacts of tourism on the economy, culture, and politics of every country.

How important is World Tourism Day to the economy?

World Tourism Day is important to the economy because the tourism industry generates thousands of jobs and opens up countless business opportunities that help communities boom.

Which country will host World Tourism Day?

Indonesia is slated to host World Tourism Day in 2022.

What is tourism for inclusive growth?

Tourism for inclusive growth is a concept that aims to help struggling communities recover from the adverse effects of past tragedies.

What is the history of World Tourism Day?

World Tourism Day was proposed by Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi and became an official annual celebration in 1980.