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Best WordPress Plugins for Marketing

Most websites nowadays are built for companies and businesses to provide information about their organizations and showcase their products and services. But most especially, new small and medium-sized enterprises use websites not just to educate but also to decide on marketing strategies for their businesses.

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In order to do this, plugins are added to websites to perform tasks such as analytics and lead generation. That is why we have collected the best WordPress plugins that you can add to your websites below. Check them out and you may find one that you never knew you needed.

Just Writing

WordPress has a Distraction Free Writing (DFW) Mode which lets users focus on writing content for pages and posts. But, Just Writing lets users write using the standard mode tools so they can spell check, change header styles, or align paragraphs and other functionalities in DFW. In that way, you will be able to write great content for your websites and blogs.

Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post is a WordPress plugin that lets you revive old posts from your social networking accounts and promote its content that might be relevant again. Moreover, this plugin can also serve as an auto-poster that lets you schedule future posts for all your social media accounts. With an auto-poster, you are guaranteed with a constant online presence.

Thirsty Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is the latest trend website owners indulge in as businesses are trying to make as many connections online. With ThirstyAffiliates, it is easier to integrate affiliate links in your website content, giving you the opportunity to insert the links in your pages, posts, and comments. It also enables you to create shortened links with an added security from commissions theft.


Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that helps keep your website and blog traffic alive. It features site stats analytics, automatic social media sharing, SEO, and advertising programs among others. It is an open-source software that lets businesses and website owners create a connection with their users. Jetpack is also free so, it’s definitely a great bargain.

Broken Link Checker

There’s no other greater nightmare for web content creators than a broken link. It empties your web pages especially if the broken links contain images that provide the visual aesthetic of your website. To avoid this from happening, the Broken Link Checker plugin monitors and checks your content. It detects non-working links and lets you edit them from the plugin page.

WP Forms

One essential element of a website are web forms. These forms are a great tool to get your visitor’s information and make them potential clients. A drag-and-drop form builder, WPForms is a powerful plugin that allows you to create highly interactive forms for your WordPress websites. It includes templates, responsive layout, entry management, spam protection, and much more.


Now called Hubspot, LeadIn is a WordPress plugin that tracks your leads and helps you automate your marketing process. It allows you to identify the type of visitors who usually go to your site and what kind of information they usually seek. It lets you determine the type of content and traffic you need to generate more conversations with these people.

Featured Image Optimizer

This WordPress plugin lets you generate more clicks on your site by using an automated a/b testing process on two featured images in posts, pages, and e-commerce products. With continual testing based on its algorithm, your website gains traffic with maximized clicks. This automation process allows maximized views which will make you a lot of money.

Yoast SEO

The Yaost SEO plugin enhances the inherent WordPress SEO further by requiring you to choose a specific keyword in which your article should be written around. It also features a snippet preview, SEO analysis, and technical optimization that will surely let you write better posts and position your websites well on search engines.

Google Sitemap

Sitemaps are used by web crawlers to identify the structure of your website. With the Google Sitemap plugin, a special XML sitemap will be generated and reported to search engines which will index your Web pages and other custom URLs better. With this plugin, you are guaranteed to have your websites rank high in all major search engines.

Google Analytics

Perhaps the most popular marketing tool for website owners is Google Analytics. And MonsterInsights makes it easy for you to add this tool to your WordPress website. It is a powerful Google Analytics plugin for WordPress that provides you the most important statistics in order to have a clear visual representation of how visitors find and use your website.

Pretty Link

Just like how the name of this plugin suggests, Pretty Link lets you create shortened links of page URLs that are especially long. By using your domain, the links you create with this plugin is much better than those other link shrinking services. It also features a tracking device for every hit your link acquires and boost your website’s reach.

With these plugins, you are guaranteed to optimize the full potential of your WordPress websites. With over 40,000 available plugins in the world, we have listed the best tools for every functionality you need. So, don’t hesitate to try any of this collection and move your digital marketing strategy to new heights.

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