12+ Websites/Youtube Channels to Learn Photoshop


Adobe Photoshop has gained popularity as one of the must-have photo editing software in the 21st century. More than photo edits and manipulations, Photoshop can create images for print or digital use either from scratch or with the use of a vector base. Over the past years, we have covered a number of Photoshop Actions, Photoshop Watercolor Effect and Photoshop Brushes paving the way to numerous tutorials and tricks shared over the Internet. And, to aid your latest fancy for Dispersion effect and some of the Major Trends in Photoshop, we have curated a list of Youtube channels and Websites which has some of the best Photoshop Tutorials.

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Typography Dispersion Action in Adobe Photoshop

typography dispersion action in adobe photoshop

Inspired by the Matrix movie, typography dispersion is one of the many photo manipulation techniques that take a lot of time and practice to master. Luckily, a step by step guide is available for those that are interested to learn about it.

Artwork Inspired Photoshop

artwork photoshop

A beloved children’s classic, Alice in Wonderland is surely a fascinating topic and a visually-appealing subject. The step by step tutorial on the process of recreating Alice’s fall into the rabbit hole is good for beginners and professionals alike.

Photo Editing to Match the Latest Visual Trends

photoshop tutorials for photo editing

Photographic manipulation or photo manip is believed to be a higher form of photo editing, completely transforming the image or photo into an artwork on its own. Unlike photo editing which only involves tweaking the levels, curves, light, shade, colors and saturation, photo manipulation makes the use of various techniques to achieve their desired results. Although most newbie attempts look forced and unnatural, there are ways to perfecting seamless altering such as the ones presented below. This one inspired by the 2017 trends and colors in fashion is a simple photo editing technique and is helpful to beginning and professional photographers alike.

Amazing Water Splash

amazing water splash

An interesting tutorial from Photoshop Tutorials in Youtube, this video teaches a technique on how to create water splash from an ordinary picture to create an extraordinary image.

Emotional Scene Editing

surrel emotion scene with photoshop

Dramatic Photoshop effects can often be found on book covers and movie poster illustrations. The guide features a technique on how to create foggy and mysterious ambiance in photographs.

Pixel Explosion

pixel explosion

Pixel explosion is a basic technique that only takes a little practice to master. This tutorial not only teaches you how to create a pixel explosion for this image but tactics you can use on your own photographs as well. The end result looks like an artful distortion of textures.

Fantasy Photo Manipulation

fantasy photomanipulation photoshop

Every Photoshop beginner wants to create a fantasy scene at one point, and what could be more mystical than a trip into a mysterious forest with a portal into an unknown dimension. This versatile tutorial teaches you the basics of manipulating different elements into one beautiful illustration.

Digital Collage Techniques

digital collage techniques

Photography portfolios should contain at least one digital photo manipulation to showcase, not only the photographer’s eye for color and composition but his skill in editing pictures. This step by step guide will walk you through the process of creating this beautiful illustration that could pass for a realistic pop art painting.

Photoshop Dispersion Effect

photoshop dispersion effect

This guide to one of the most popular photographic manipulations is a must-see for beginners and professionals who want to try their hand at an epic and apocalyptic photographic effect.

Portrait with City Elements

portrait with city elements photoshop

This tutorial is a guide to creating images inspired by the urban or city life featuring Adobe Photoshop CC. Adding smoky effect for a little dramatic flair, this edit is easy to learn and easier to make your own.

Photoshop Cheat Sheet for Beginners

photoshop cheatsheet for begginers

If you have always wanted to try your hand at a new artistic endeavor but you don’t know where to begin, look no further. This cheat sheet for beginners tackles the basic and simple functions applicable to even some of the earlier versions of Photoshop. The detailed and illustrated guide will equip you with the necessary know-how to begin your quest to photo editing mastery, making sure that beginners wouldn’t get lost navigating the photo editing software.

Fantasy Sail Photoshop

fantasy sail photoshop1

Fantasy is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating subjects tackled by photographic manipulation, and the natural spaces like sea and sky complement any scenario. This tutorial teaches you the ways to create a mysterious sea setting, great for wallpapers.

The extensive tutorials shown above are not the only guides to Photoshop that can be found online. The Internet is home to thousands of step by step instructions on how to use software to their full potential. Experiment on some of the techniques you have learned and continue browsing through Template.net in order to find templates for various purposes. Save time on creating images from scratch and download easily editable templates now.

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