Top 22+ Stunning Watercolor Effect Photoshop Brushes to Enhance Your Designs

Some of the greatest paintings around were created with a watercolor effect and with Photoshop it is easy to make an image using this technique. That being said, there are numerous brushes and sets that you can install to Photoshop to give yourself a wide range of different watercolor options. Here we are going to show you 30 watercolor effect Photoshop brushes that you can download and use.

high resolution watercolor brushes

1. High Resolution Watercolor Brushes from Premium Pixels

This set contains 25 different watercolor brushes to give a wide diversity in styles and finishes. Brushes range from 600px to 2200px

2. Hi-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes from Brusheezy

A set of 38 different water color brushes that will turn your Photoshop image from a normal photography to a work of art.

3. Watercolor Splatters from Brusheezy

Artist quality splatter designed watercolor brushes. Works with Photoshop version 7 and up and comes with 3 textures.

4. High-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes II from Brusheezy

High resolution, 2500px, Photoshop watercolor effect brushes. Also comes with 7 brush strokes and different tones to use in your images.

5. Grungy Watercolor Brushes from Bitt Box

Set of 10 watercolor brushes that create a grungy and tattered feel to the images that they are used on. Help to enhance any Photoshop image.

6. WG Watercolor Brushes Vol 1

High resolution watercolor brushes at 2000

7. HQ Watercolor Brushes from Deviant Art

A set of 9 high quality watercolor effect brushes that can be used on Photoshop 7 and above. They create an authentic watercolor look.

8. Hi-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes Set II from Bitt Box

Feature a set of brushes that have complex strokes but still create a realistic watercolor feel. High quality.

9. Set of 7 High Resolution Brushes from Spoon Graphics

7 high quality watercolor brushes. 2500px and can be used to create a real watercolour effect on photographs and images.

10. Watercolor Reloaded from Deviant Art

A huge set of 83 watercolor brushes that range from 700 to 1200 px. Has many different effects and helps to enhance Photoshop images in a watercolor style.

11. Watercolor Brushes Set 1 from Deviant Art

A set of varied watercolor style brushes. 26 brushes included from 1480px to 2500px. They create an authentic watercolour and traditional painting style.

12. Watercolor Brushes Set 2 from Deviant Art

Another set of brushes from Deviant Art. They are in a watercolor theme with resolutions between 1500px to 2500px. Includes 25 different brushes.

13. Watercolor Stroke Brushes from Deviant Art

A set of 14 high resolution brushes to be used on Photoshop that have a watercolor theme. Resolution is from 1597px and 2500px and works with CS1 and above.

14. Set 1: High Res Watercolor Brushes from Spoon Graphics

Super high resolution (2500 px) watercolor brushes. Have various tones and are better used on a paper texture. A set of 7 brush strokes.

15. Watercolor Smudge Brushes from Brusheezy

18 horizontal smudge brushes. They give a watercolor effect to create messy but artistic images in Photoshop. Can be used with Photoshop 7 onwards.

16. Watercolor Splatter from Deviant Art

A splatter styled set of watercolor brushes from Deviant Art. Has 15 brushes with resolutions from 2000 to 2500px and features a paper texture.

17. Simple Smudges from Deviant Art

Smudge styled watercolor brushes. Features a set of 32 brushes that were made using a smudge style and works from Photoshop 7 upwards.

18. Watercolor Brushes from Graphic River

A small set of Photoshop brushes in a watercolor effect from Graphic River. The pack has 14 brushes that can create a well-designed and stylish image.

19. Soft Watercolor Brushes from Brusheezy

A pack of Photoshop watercolor brushes that, when applied, create a soft and soothing effect. Great for artistic works and creating harmonious backgrounds.

20. Brush Pack from Deviant Art 38

A pack of 38 brushes for Photoshop. All are in a watercolor style and can create realistic watercolor effects for professional & personal designs.

21. Brushes from Fudge Graphics

A 14 pack set of watercolor brushes for Photoshop versions CS1 and above. They have a high resolution of 1597px and 2500px to create a professional look.

22. Dry Paint Strokes from Brusheezy

A watercolor pack of brushes that was created using acrylic colors. 10 high resolution and high quality brushes in the set.

23. Watercolor Brushes from Brusheezy 17

A set of 17 Photoshop watercolor brushes. Can be used to create a realistic watercolor effect for your Photoshop images.

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