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Let us face the reality: we love food. Aside from it being a necessity for our growth and survival in this world, it is something we go to when we are sad. I am sure you will agree that food is sometimes the best doctor for a bad day. That is why some of us, especially those who don’t have food for the moment in the house, go outside and look for a nice restaurant that could satisfy their cravings and relieve the disappointment of a bad day.

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Supply Agreement

supply agreement template
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Vendor Supplier Agreement Template

vendor supplier agreement template
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Food Service Contract Agreement

food service contract

The cravings would be satisfied if the food being served is delicious enough and mixed with the right ingredients. Ingredients such as carrots, soy sauce, vegetable and etc. are needed to make a dish great and some ingredients make up for the branding of a restaurant. But do these kinds of ingredients come from the same source? This article will tell you the answer.

Supply and Delivery Agreement

supply and delivery agreement

The answer is no. Ingredients come from multiple sources and are provided by different food companies. A restaurant’s dishes are cooked together with different products being distributed by another partner. Partners contribute to the success of a restaurant by delivering the assigned things that they are supposed to contribute to the restaurant. This bond between a restaurant and its product supplier can become legal once both have a supply agreement contract. This article will explain the parts of this kind of contract along with some templates and ways on how to also deliver good customer service to a restaurant’s customers. A good dish plus a good crew would make a day brighter.

Difference Between a Vendor and a Supplier

To better guide you in understanding the supplier agreement contract, we will shed some light on the differences between a vendor and a supplier. The purpose of this article is to let you avoid misunderstanding these two terms. So write this down if you are having a hard time in differentiating the two terms we have shown you. At least if you will write this down, you can always review the terms at any time anywhere in case you forgot their differences. You may also see simple agreement templates.

A vendor is someone who supplies goods and services to a company or a person. Suppliers are the ones who provide products and services to a company. It is clear that they are both the same when it comes supplying goods and services but suppliers are only limited to supplying to a particular business company while the vendors supply to both the consumers and business companies.

Goods Contract Agreement Template

goods contract agreement template

Parts of a Supply Agreement

Just like any other agreement or contract, it has its elements and parts. These parts are useful in guiding the reader what are the implications of a certain agreement or contract. Furthermore, its statements and implications in an agreement have to be specific so that the readers will not be confused upon reading and trying to understand the points in the agreement or contract. But mainly, this agreement or contract will guide the people involved especially if it involves aspects of partnership agreements. That is why in this part of the article, we will introduce to you the general parts of this kind of agreement. These are the following parts:

1. Description

This entails to the description of the restaurant/bakery/cafe and also the description of the supplier. It is important that it is direct to the point and does not have to state each of the company’s vision or mission statement.

2. Purpose

Given that the title has already been introduced, the purpose of the agreement or why this agreement was made should be one of the first things written in the document.

3. Definitions

In this section, you will state the terms that will be frequently used in the agreement and their definition to guide the readers once they continue to scan the agreement.

4. Terms

This lays out the period in which the agreement will end.

5. Pricing

This is where the supplier would place his suggested price for the purchaser to buy every delivery or how much per quantity. Both can negotiate this if possible. You may also see sample agreement templates.

6. Responsibilities

This part of the agreement is where it would state the responsibilities of both the supplier and the client, and the punishment if the responsibilities are not meant or are inconsistent.

7. Delivery

This is where in the agreement it would state what are the days the deliveries will take place and what time they will usually be arriving. It will also state that if the deliveries will also happen on regular holidays or not to avoid any miscommunication with the purchaser. You may also see business agreement templates.

8. Goods

In this section, it will state the ingredients or goods that the supplier would give as per the request of the purchaser and the amount of the quantity and the quality of the ingredients or goods.

9. Dispute Resolution

This will talk about what both parties have to do in order to settle a dispute. Commonly, they would hire a mediator that would facilitate them in their conflict management in order to avoid certain biases. You may also see agreement templates in word.

So, these are basically the general terms found in a supplier agreement contract. You can also download the templates we have put here to get additional information and know different terms that are in different supplier agreement contracts. Just make sure you would write them down to serve as a guide if ever you are planning to have a simple partnership with a supplier for your restaurant, bakery, or cafe. You may also see

General Conditions of a Supplier Agreement Contract

conditions of a supplier agreement contract

Contract Agreement of Goods and Services

contract agreement of goods and services

Deliver Good Customer Service

Now that you know what kind of agreement you will have with your supplier, it is best to also have a good agreement with your employees on how to deliver excellent service to the customers who are responsible for the existence and improvement for the bakery or cafe or restaurant you are managing.  It is important for them to be aware of how to give good customer service as this will have a positive impact on the customers and they might influence others to visit your establishment not only for the purpose that the food is good but also for the exemplary customer service. What could be better than that right? In this article, we will give you tips on how to offer great customer service to help you in your future or current business establishment. So grab a pen and a paper and understand the following tips we will show you:

1. Speed it up without Losing the Quality. What we mean by this is that a restaurant must deliver its food fast and on time which they promised they would. Customers visit your restaurant because they are hungry and want to be satisfied. Who would like their food to be served after 30 minutes and were promised 10 minutes? The establishment has to find a way on how to serve the variety of dishes fast without losing the quality. The ones who would serve the food should also be careful because they might deliver the food so fast that they will not be aware of the surroundings and might slip on the way to the customers. Not only would this be embarrassing for the staff, but it will also make the starving customer wait again or worst, complain and leave to look for another establishment. You may also see sample agreement templates.

2. Fix Problems. One way or another, there will always be problems heading your way. Customers might spot a hair in their soup. It is up to you to find a way to fix that problem either by replacing the dish or giving them a chance to get a new dish for free. Also, always do apologize if they are already complaining and try to stay calm and acknowledge what they feel and try your best to make it up to them as best as you can. You may also see commercial agreement templates.

3. Evaluation Cards. It is good to let your customers know that you value their opinions. Ask them nicely if they could answer your evaluation card. This in a way, would let you be aware what are the things that are good in the establishment and what are the things needed to be improved. This can go from the quality of food to the design, the customer service is shown and etc. You may also see work agreement templates.

4. Ground them from the Beginning. What we mean by this is to give them a good impression from the start. How do you do this? You start it by letting your staff greet them at the front door. Instruct the staff to always greet them with a smile and with an open posture and gesture. It is also important to use respectful titles no matter what clothes they wear or what financial status they are in. Treating every customer equally will convince the customers that your establishment adheres to equality and just service to all. You may also see framework agreement templates.

5. Listen. It is always important to listen what your customers are saying and doing. Look for non-verbal cues regardless if it depicts a good or bad comment. This will help you again with your evaluation. You may also see printable agreement templates.

6. Thank them. Thank your customers for spending their time to eat at your establishment and make sure that every gratitude is sincere.

Online Supplier Agreement

online supplier agreement

Maintain the Relationship

In order for you not to go through the hassle of looking again for another supplier, maintain a good relationship with your current one. This is important because their ingredients might already have made your regular customers satisfied and looking for another supplier might affect the taste of your dishes. This also goes along with your customers. Maintain a good relationship with your customers by having consistently great customer service. In a situation where the supplier is already not responsible, you can choose to terminate your partnership with him and look for another one who can replace him and be better. But do this in a professional way in order to avoid bad-blood.

Successful establishments remained successful because of simple partnerships with their suppliers while also having new partnerships especially for new dishes being served. At the end of the day, it is all about maintaining good relationships and letting go of relationships that are worth letting go for the betterment of the establishment. You may also see agreement letter templates.

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