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Mobile phones in this generation is almost, if not, already is a necessity for each individual regardless of age. Aside from the fact that it can make phone calls and send text messages, but it can also do other things that mobile phones of the previous generation can not. You may also see Brochure Templates.

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Mobile App Bi Fold Brochure Template

mobile app bi fold brochure
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  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: A4, US


Mobile App Tri Fold Brochure Template

mobile app tri fold brochure
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Size: A4, US


Some important features in today’s mobile phones include the ability to track our location through its global positioning system (GPS) feature—you will never get lost again. For businessmen, mobile phones today can also open documents which can help them bring their reports virtually anywhere. And for many people, the camera feature of mobile phones can be used for various purposes. You can use it to take photographs of beautiful scenery or you can also use it to take pictures of things that you need to remember.

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Mobile App Brochure

mobile app brochureDownload

Mobile Phone Brochure

mobile phone brochureDownload

Mobile Banking Brochure

mobile banking brochureDownload

Mobile Store Tri-fold Brochure

mobile store tri fold brochureDownload

Mobile Marketing Brochure

mobile marketing brochureDownload

A Brief History of Mobile Phones

  • In the 1940s, AT&T developed wireless telephones that worked more like two-way radios than telephones.
  • In April 3, 1973, Martin Cooper, a senior engineer from Motorola, invented the first mobile phone that weighed around 1.1 kg.
  • The first commercial mobile phone was released also by Motorola in 1983.
  • During the 1980s, the first generation of mobile phones was released in the market.
  • Nokia released the first handheld mobile phone in 1989, which weighed around 800 grams.
  • In 1991, the second generation of digital cellular technology was launched in Finland.
  • In 2001, the third generation was launched in Japan.
  • 2009 marked the beginning of the fourth and present generation mobile phones.

Importance and Other Uses of Mobile Phones in Today’s Generation

  • Phones nowadays provide us with connectivity, not just through calls and text messages but also through social media and VOIPs.
  • Some mobile phones work like computers, wherein we are able to store and open documents and other files that are compatible with the phone.
  • Mobile phones can also be used as a source of entertainment, whether it is for music, videos, or mobile games.
  • With the GPS activated, the mobile phone can also be used to keep track of your current location.
  • You may also download third-party book readers on your mobile phone to enable you to read your favorite books on it.

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Abstract Mobile Brochure Template

abstract mobile brochure templateDownload

Mobile Sales Brochure

mobile sales brochureDownload

Smart Phone Repair Brochure

smart phone repair brochureDownload

Guidelines on How to Make Your Own Brochure

  • Use AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) in your brochure:
    • Your brochure should be able to get the public’s attention.
    • Make the reader interested in your services and products.
    • Make your products and services sound desirable.
    • Encourage the reader to take action.
  • Use bullet points to enumerate the best features of your product or services.
  • Make sure to include your name and contact details on the brochure to make it easier for the client to respond.

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