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10+ Logistics Brochure Templates in AI | InDesign | PSD

Keynote speaker and author Marcus Sheridan expressed that companies should arm themselves with high-quality and relevant content, as it’s the best marketing strategy. Whether you use traditional or modern means of communication for advertising, what the readers take in weighs more valuable. For logistics companies, utilizing different forms of promotional materials creates a positive impact on revenue and sales. Businesses can use flyers, magazines, leaflets, and brochures as commercial tools for their products and services. Simple as they may look, these materials garner the publicity that the company needs. Consequently, powerful and professional promotion especially in the form of Brochures sample ensures the logistics company the attention it deserves.

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10+ Logistics Brochure Templates in AI | InDesign | PSD

1. Free Logistics Services Bi-Fold Brochure Template

File Format
  • AI
  • PSD

Size: 16.53×11.69 inches

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2. Free Logistics Services Tri-Fold Brochure Template

File Format
  • AI
  • PSD

Size: 16.53×11.69 inches

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3. Transport and Logistics Services Brochure

What is a Logistics Brochure?

A brochure is a small, informative booklet example containing the details of a business’s products and services. It usually has an array of pictures accompanied by a detailed description of the product or services. Also listed in the material are the promotions and offerings of the business. Brochures are the smaller version of a magazine. And most businesses take time to create a business brochure for the benefit of the company.

Proceeding to the logistics brochure, the tool’s primary purpose is providing details about the company’s professional logistics services. For trucking companies, the featured catalog will have information about the moving services and pricing. A freight company, on the other hand, will showcase its delivery services, whether by land, air, or water transport. Importantly, the content of the brochure promotes what the logistics company is selling or offering.

Leafing Through the Benefits of Brochures

Every thriving business employs various techniques to ensure success. For one, enterprises use business and marketing plans to know the direction of the company. Businesses also determine advertisement tools to use for the promotion of goods and services. Most of the time, brochures and flyers are the ones on top of the list. Consequently, a brochure is a powerful and valuable element when it comes to endorsements.

The benefits of using brochures have three main points. First, the size of Catalog samples makes it accessible for carrying, easy to pass from one person to another. Moreover, it’s not too heavy and large for purses—pocket-friendly per se. Second, the purpose of brochures centers on providing enough information about the business and nothing else. The contents range from the prices and discounts of goods to the current offerings of the company. And lastly, brochures are cost-effective, tiny, but efficient in supplying information for the public and target market.

4. Logistic Bi-Fold Brochure

5. Logistic Company Brochure Bi Fold Template


6. Transport Logistic Brochure Template

7. Logistics Services Tri Fold Brochure Template

8. Logistic Business Brochure Template

9. Logistic Brochure Indesign


10. Logistics Company Trifold Brochure

How to Design an Eye-Catching Logistics Brochure

Logistics companies need to understand the importance of brochures for the publicity of the business. Sometimes, word of mouth is not enough, and you have to find different ways to introduce your company to the masses. An efficient way to do that is through creating professionally designed and highly attractive logistics brochures to capture the eye of audiences. After all, businesses rely on patrons, much like clients trust their preferred corporations.

Step 1: Provide Details About Your Business

Although brochures are shorter versions of magazines, you still have to provide a brief overview of your business. As a logistics company, you can start with an introduction with the business achievements over the years of service and a little background history. If you have specializations, you can also include that in the intro. And if the business has a global reach or audience, also mention it. The details and short intro is part of the selling point, you should engage with the reader. Get the hook and make them browse through the company brochure.

Step 2: Highlight Contact Information

Business brochures without contact details losses it’s purpose right away. Remember, your goal is inviting prospective clients into choosing your logistics company for their transportation needs. Even when it’s only event logistics, you have to exhibit positive vibes. Your marketing materials should illustrate the notion that your company is the logistics solution to the needs of other businesses that is, your company has the capacity to help the logistical needs of other businesses.

Step 3: Choose Your Color Patterns

The motif of the corporate brochure should be similar to the business’ color schemes. To continue the branding of the logistics business, other aspects should have coherence with one another. Being consistent with the letterheads designs, logos, color patterns, and layout designs show that the logistics business has organization and stability. Remembering the business will be easier if there’s a familiar pattern, such as colors, slogans, and advertisement materials.

Step 4: Make Selected Images Count

No matter what the age is, human beings have an attraction towards anything colorful or distinct. Anything that’s eye-candy is noticeable even from a particular distance. With that, the logistics company should choose images that not only attracts viewers and readers but also relates to the overall personality and branding of the business. In making pictures relevant, brochure creators have to determine the usefulness of the material and its connection to the business. Since you have to showcase your reliability and strength, select colorful and business-related images. If you can’t find royalty-free and available photos, you can do photoshoots.

Step 5: Organize the Layout of the Brochure

Besides getting the necessary information to place on the brochure, you also have to create an organized and easy-to-edit brochure format. As an invitation for a partnership agreement, your catalog should be well-arranged and readable. Avoid confusing your readers by making sure to check the phototype before printing. Evaluate the content before giving the ‘go signal.’ Also, you can leave a template format in your folder so that editing brochures for the following months will be more comfortable.

Like any other business, logistics companies also need advertisements for their services and products. After all, companies need to continually remind their patrons about the new things in their company. Moreover, enterprises should also open more doors to new clients. Through simple advertisements , new opportunities arise, and that’s why it is essential for different businesses. Make your promotional materials using various tools and techniques, and importantly, brochures.

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