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11 Material Order Form Templates

Every single day, customers have a desire for different types of goods. All of these customers need to specify the kind of goods that they need to ensure that they get exactly what they asked for, which is they reason why there are times where order forms are utilized by these customers.

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Order form templates allow these customers to specify details regarding what they would like to purchase. Even businesses can make use of this type of document in the event that they need to make internal orders for certain products and/or services. Those that know how to both create and utilize order forms are ensured to get whatever they need and/or want.

Construction Material Order Form Template

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Library Material Order Form

Radioactive Material Requisition Form

Store Material Order Form

Materials Order Sample Form

Practice Material Order Form

What Is a Material Order Form?

A material order form is basically what just about every business uses during the purchasing process to authorize the requisition of certain or all materials right before turning it into an purchase order. What this type of document does is to specifically order materials that will be used during the manufacturing process or materials that will be used for office operations. This kind of form should be handled by the production manager where he or she will be the one to fill it out. Then the manager will send the order to the material, storage, or purchasing department where he or she can then submit the form.

The Two Main Purposes of a Material Order Form

If you’re a production manager, then you’ll know just how important it is to know why these forms are being used. The first reason is that this form is a great way for you to be able to keep record of all the materials that are bought and used during the manufacturing process. Once your company has made the material order and has received what’s needed, they are then placed in the storage facility with the appropriate forms that need to be filled out. The point of the form is to who an audit trail that shows important information such as when the goods were purchased when they were delivered, and who issued the order. This document is also useful for knowing when goods were moved from storage to manufacturing.

The next reason as to why this form is so important is because it allocates production costs to the goods that need to be processed. While doing inventory management, production managers know that there will be some goods under process will not be finished within the current year. This means that there will always be a couple of goods that will still be in the production process. So to help you with your cost analysis, these forms will be able to allocate all of the values to every single material that was ordered.

The Material Purchasing Procedure

There are five steps that you’ll have to do in order for you to gain the materials your business needs to conduct different operations. These steps are as follows:

The Material Requisition

This is basically the part where you make a formal request with the help of a material requisition form that you may fill out and send to your company’s purchasing department. The point of making a material requisition is that it informs the purchasing department about the need for you to have different materials bought for business-related purposes and it’s used to fix the responsibility to the specific department where the material requisition came from. The form can also be used during future references in the event that one needs to know who made the request, the materials that were requested, and the the purpose of the requisition.

Tenders or Quotations

Once the purchasing department has received the material requisition, they will then have to find the best source to purchase all of the materials that are being requested. The way to select the best possible supplier is by inviting quotations and tenders from every possible sources that can supply the company with the materials that it needs.

The Material Purchase Order

A purchase order form is basically what you send after you have chosen the supplier that you know can provide you with what your company needs. If the supplier accepts, then the form has basically become a contract agreement with the supplier, which states that he or she will provide you with the materials that you need and you will compensate by paying the supplier what he or she is owed for the service. These are usually prepared in five copies, so you’ll have to make sure that you have a copy for yourself in the event that it’s needed for future purposes.

Receiving and Inspecting the Materials that you Purchased

Once the supplier has carried out the service and has delivered the materials, the receiving department will then be the ones that will perform the act of unloading and receiving the materials, as well as verifying the quantity and the condition of each and every single of one of them. This is very important as suppliers may end up with giving you materials that you never ordered, forgetting a number of materials that was listed, or handing out materials that are already damaged. Be sure that those in the receiving department are well trained in handling this service as it is very crucial in ensuring that everything is in place.

The Checking and Passing of the Bill Payment

When you receive the official invoice from the supplier, you must then send this document over to the purchasing department where all of its contents will be verified. Assuming that there are no errors during the verification process, the purchasing department will then make a request to the company’s accounting department to make the payment to the supplier. The payment will be made according to the terms that have been specified within the contract. If there are any errors within the invoice, then this must be sent back to the supplier to make the proper corrections.

While the material purchasing process may differ from one company to another, it will always start with one issuing a material requisition order and end with the receipts of the cost of all the materials that have been purchased.

Warehouse Material Transfer Order Form

Sample Material Transfer Order Form

Cleaning Material Order Form

Stock Order Sample Form

Secure Material Transfer Order Form


Tips for Successful Material Management

Coming up with a material management plan is going to be a complex process that’s going to include the procurement, transportation, and inventory management from the manufacturer all the way to the storefront. This task will always be one that’s labor-intensive. So here are a few tips that should be able to help make the management process go a lot smoother.

  • You’ll need to obtain only the best suppliers. A company is definitely going to have a problem if there’s a lack of a continuous source of quality supplies. Which is why it’s very important that material managers are able to find those suppliers that can provide the company with what it needs as well as making sure that these suppliers will provide them with these goods for a long time, hopefully indefinitely. The role of suppliers are crucial as they are the ones that fill a company’s orders on the agreed upon time and terms in order to meet with the demand of the consumers. So if the suppliers can’t keep up with what the company needs on time, then the company is going to lose a lot of customers to other competition.
  • Establish a proper order process. Inventory control and management is essential for companies so that they’ll know the current amount of materials that they have in stock at all times. With an accurate calculation of all current supplies, then those in charge of inventory management will be able to know the materials as well as the amount that needs to be replenished when making the order. By having an accurate estimate of what needs to be ordered, it will ensure an efficient ordering process.
  • While managing inventory is important, so is handling the financial aspects of managing the materials. It’s vital that companies implement an accounting inventory system that tracks the movement of all the inventory items such as the purchase, sale, or adjustment. It’s also a great way to update inventory financial figures. Doing this gives your company data that’s based on the amount inventory being carried to help you manage its cost.
  • Majority of the labor-intensive tasks that are performed when it comes to material management usually comes from obtaining the best kind of prices. You’ll want to find the lowest possible prices while making sure that the quality of the materials are either good or at least acceptable.
  • The success of material management usually involves timing. By having the right kind of timing, you might just propel your business to success. This is especially true for when you need to know when there will be a demand for a certain item or when you think you’ll need to restock. To ensure customer satisfaction by meeting their demands, you’ll have to know when to make the order as well as avoid overstocking that will just lead to you increasing your costs.

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