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How to Make a Quotation in Excel

A quotation is a document issued by the seller to a potential customer. It contains the estimated prices of the products or services specified on the request for quotation sent by a potential client. When it comes to creating quotation, using a spreadsheet program, like Excel, the calculation and grid line features of the Excel program gives you less difficulty in procuring the correct computation of the sample quotation for the client.

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In this regard, look into the following quotation ideas in the form of templates and know how to make a quotation to be given to your potential client using Excel.

Steps to the Creating of Quotations Using Excel

There are different ways and programs you can use to create different quotation formats for your business transactions. The most common quotations involve the usage of programs such as Word. Examples of this are quotation templates in DOC.

Another option you can follow when creating quotations makes use of a spreadsheet program, Excel. Follow these steps if you are planning to make Excel quotations:

  • Indicate your business information after the header. Under the header, present your company’s name and important business and contact information to certify that you are a legally operating business.
  • Input the product list on the first column. Enumerate the products to be quoted on the first column of the quotation sheet or table. 
  • Type in column headings of the quotation sheet. Write the headings for the quotation sheet or table which includes the following:
    • Product Description
    • Unit and Model Number
    • Unit Cost
    • Color and Packaging Details
  • Define the name of the quotation as a header. Put an identification at the top of the quotation sheet which defines what the quotation is for.
  • Write down the quotes for each product item. When typing quotes for each product item on the quotation sheet, you can choose between using the manual inputting of quotes or instantly adding the quote with the use of a drop-down list generated using the VLOOKUP Excel function.

Common Mistakes in Creating Quotations Using Excel

There are some errors a business make when creating for a quotation using Excel. In order to avoid errors on quotations and obtain the best quotation format as depicted on the best quotation templates, here are the common mistakes in creating quotations using Excel:

  • Failing to input zero on blank data information. In a quotation sheet where every company product is listed, inputting a numerical digit zero for the quantity of products not included in the computation of the quotation is still required due to the fact that zero quantity is a quotation data.
  • Formatting cells for pleasing quotation format. The use of merging of cells Excel feature for your quotation sheet will give you much trouble than help in order to have an effective quotation format.
  • Crowding data information within one cell. A cell must only be inputted with one type of information. If you need to define other quotation information on the sheet, add another cell for that data.
  • Using wrong formats for names. Do not use a word format on Excel similar to how you format them on a Word processing program. Excel showcases the use of formula like word data with which you have to conform your quotation wordings on the program.

Making a quotation using Excel is less difficult especially if you follow the guidelines and the format shown on the quotation samples provided on this website.

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