How to Make a Doctor’s Note [10+ Templates to Download]

Are you a physician or clinician who needs to make a standard note format for your patients and clients? This article is for you as we explore the rules in making doctor’s notes as well as provide you with a step by step guide on how to create effective ones. We will also show multiple doctor note templates that you can download and use for free.

5 Steps on How to Make a Doctor’s Note

An effective doctor’s note is one that allows the physician to efficiently do his/her job and to convey comprehensive information to patients and other members of the healthcare team. In the guide below, we outline each step of the note-making process so that you will know what things to watch out for when crafting your own blank doctor’s notes.

Step 1: Determine what kind of doctor’s note you wish to create.

First, you need to decide on what kind of doctor’s note you wish to create. Your area of expertise plays an important part in this first step. To illustrate, if you are a veterinary doctor, you will need to create a veterinary doctor’s note template instead of a regular physician’s note.

Step 2: Write down all the information you wish to include in the note.

Next, you need to write down all the information you wish your standard note to ask for. For example, if you want to create a hospital doctor’s discharge note, you will need to make a base note template that will allow you to quickly fill out the recommended discharge medications, exercise routine, diet, and follow-up visit dates for the patient. Save all this information on a NotePad file so that you can easily retrieve them later on.

Step 3: Choose a layout format.

Then, decide on a document layout style for your note template. Choose a layout that allows you clearly and succinctly present patient information. Remember, a doctor’s note will be read by other people too so this will also serve as an information report.

Step 4: Or, download a printable doctor’s note template.

To simplify the template creation process, you may next download a printable doctor’s note template. Multiple examples are embedded below so feel free to choose from them. These printable templates include pre-formatted layouts, headers, images, and other design elements so you do not have to come up with a note format and style from scratch.

Step 5: Edit the template.

Once you have downloaded your preferred doctor’s note template design, start editing it to match your clinical needs. Provide ample space for free-writing. Also, add your hospital or doctor letterhead design. This makes the note document appear more credible and professional.

Step 6: Save the final document design and prepare for printing.

After customizing the note template, proofread the file and make any necessary changes. Save the final note template file on your computer or you can begin printing out the document using your home or office printer. If you creating a standard clinic doctor’s note template for your private practice or for a medical institution, you may need to go to your local print shop and have reams of the document printed from there.

It’s easy, isn’t it? Just keep all these steps in mind and you can easily come up with your own doctor’s note template designs. If not, you can always download and use any of the free note templates available through our website.

10+ Doctor’s Note Templates

Embedded below are well-designed doctor’s note templates in Word, Pages, and PDF file formats. Download the template that best fits your medical practice needs.

1. Simple Doctor’s Note Template


Standard note templates help streamline a physician’s job. With it, you can focus more on providing personalized care and information to patients since you do not need to take care of daily paperwork. The Simple Doctor Note Template shown above is a sample note template format that you download, customize, and use.

2. Blank Doctor’s Note Template


Try the Blank Doctor Note Template (featured above) if you want as much free-writing space on your doctor’s notes. This editable template can also serve as a medical certificate and as a clearance form when signed and issued by a medical doctor.

3. Children’s Clinic Doctor’s Note Template


The Children’s Clinic Doctors Note Template shown above is specifically created for pediatricians and consultants working in children’s clinics and hospitals. It is available in MS Word, PDF, and Pages file formats so make sure to have any of these editing software tools installed before downloading the note template. Also, make sure to add your own hospital letterhead design at the top portion of the note form.

4. Doctor Excuse Note Template


Private practice and clinic physicians should have ready-made excuse notes for patients who need to take time off work to go to a doctor’s appointment. In these situations, you may use the Doctor Excuse Note Template (shown above) as a base document template file. This template may be customized to include your personal and business contact information at the bottom of the document page.

5. Doctor’s Note Template for School Absence


Pediatricians will find the Doctor’s Note for School Absence Template useful as this document template is specifically created for patient’s requiring proof of medical consultation. The note’s wording also states that it can serve as a certificate of medical consultation. When customizing this template, make sure that there is a lot of space for the physician to write down his/her comments.

6. Minute Clinic Doctor’s Note Template


The Minute Clinic Doctor’s Note Template embedded above is another note template design that can work as a doctor’s excuse note. Feel free to customize this standard template using either Apple Pages, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word.

7. Return To Work Doctor’s Note Template


Use the Return To Work Doctors Note Template shown above if you prefer a fill-in-the-blanks type of physician note format. This template will allow you to save time especially if you are mostly dealing with patients with the same diagnosis throughout the day. As an editable template, you may change the document’s built-in color scheme into something that will suit your tastes more.

8. Sample Doctor’s Note Template


The Sample Doctor Note Template (embedded above) is a versatile clinical note template that may be filled out by any member of the healthcare team. The attending physician or nurse clinician just need to validate the information written on the form and then affix his or her signature at the bottom of the health certificate.

9. Physician’s Statement Note Template Download

Use the Physician’s Statement Note Template (shown above) if you want a more thorough medical statement or note. This kind of doctor’s note is often used as a supplement to official records and legal documents.

10. Sample Doctor’s Note for Disability Download

Another formal doctor’s note template is the Sample Doctor’s Note for Disability shown above. Customize this template to match each patient’s diagnosis, prognosis, and recommended treatment plans. As a free note template, you may easily add your own doctor letterhead design or hospital logo at the bottom or top of the document.

11. Doctor Note Template to Return to Work Download

Use the Doctor Note to Return to Work Template featured above if you want to provide your patient (and his/her employer/organization) with a detailed discharge and treatment plan. Make sure to edit the note template according to each patient you handle.

Use all the tips and steps outlined above to guide you in crafting doctor’s notes that match your medical practice and daily workflow. For more medical statement templates and form design tips like the ones shared above, check out the rest of our website.